Heather Clark

Content Integration Specialist

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Heather Clark
25+ Years

Building & Managing Websites

8+ Years

Experience of Investor-Owned Utility Communications


Websites Built & Launched


With a web journey spanning over 25 years, Heather Clark stands as a Content Integration Specialist at Powerful. Her expertise doesn’t just stem from years in the industry, but from the diverse roles she’s embraced. From the creative lens of a designer to the analytical mindset of a developer, from the eye of an analyst to the expressive world of a content writer, Heather’s multifaceted experience ensures she approaches content from every possible angle.

A significant chapter of her career was devoted to Alliant Energy, where she served as the Senior Website Communications Manager for nearly 8 years. This exposure to an investor-owned utility adds a unique dimension to her repertoire, deepening her insights into the intricacies of web communications.

At Powerful, Heather blends big-picture strategies with attention to detail, ensuring your content isn’t just integrated but seamlessly woven into the digital fabric of your site. Her commitment to quality is unwavering, and she firmly believes that a brilliant strategy or cutting-edge design truly shines when its execution is flawless. An ardent advocate for web accessibility, Heather’s proficiency in WordPress ensures that your website is universally accessible. Her belief in continuous learning and the power of ‘why’ means she’s always at the forefront of web evolution, ensuring your content stays relevant and engaging.

Beyond the digital realm, Heather’s passion for exploring the world and her commitment to lifelong learning are testimonies to her curious nature and zest for life.

Education & Certifications

Bachelor of Arts in History/Political Science at Waldorf University
Associate of Arts in Communications Media & Public Relations at Kirkwood Community College
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

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