Getting Started

To fully understand the website needs of your utility organization, you must understand the expectations of your audience.

Do you know what type of users log on to your website the most? You may not see their faces – but they are your digital audience. These digital customers aren’t just in the audience for your utility organization – they are part of a larger digital audience and bring with them expectations gained elsewhere on the web to your site. They have little tolerance for delays, clunky layouts and processes that are not intuitive.

For most of your site visitors, the website has become the primary way they access services and transact business with your organization.

The website has replaced brick-and-mortar offices, meaning the way it looks and functions now shapes the perception your customers have of your organization. An inefficient website gives your customers a negative impression.

Ask yourself: does your website deliver the same experience as the happy faces at your office; a customers experience, that will serve, engage and delight them?

An improved website strategy positively impacts the customer view of your organization.

The evolution of a “rate payer” into a “customer” is forcing a change in the way customers communicate with organizations. A digital engagement study performed by Accenture found that “improved digital services would positively change customers attitudes toward public organizations.” As an added bonus, 72% of the respondents say that better digital services would also increase their willingness to engage.

For the majority of digital customers, the website has become the organization.

The web design strategy your utility organization chooses to use shapes the viewpoints of your customers more than it has in the past.

Become more trustworthy to your members or customers with your website and its content.

With customers expecting more from their web experience, improving your website strategy is vital to your cooperative or utility organization. Focusing your web design strategy on providing excellent and valuable content in an easy to find way, will ensure that your members or customers stay informed and have the information they need at their fingertips.