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August 15, 2023

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South Central Power Company, a prominent electric cooperative serving over 125,000 members in 24 Ohio counties, has been a symbol of community resilience and progress since 1936. Founded on the 7 unifying cooperative principles, the organization has been dedicated to providing safe, reliable service, while ensuring a culture of integrity, professionalism, and community involvement.

Recognizing the growing needs and the expanding range of services offered, South Central Power Company, in collaboration with Powerful, embarked on a transformative website redesign project. The aim was to seamlessly integrate their diverse departments: electric, broadband, security systems, and the SCPC foundation, providing an efficient and harmonious interface for their community.

Maximizing Flexibility

As an organization serving a diverse member base across multiple counties, flexibility was crucial. The design had to allow for growth and adaptability without losing sight of the core values that define South Central Power Company.

Powerful created a custom blueprint that meticulously translated the cooperative’s principles into a tangible design. The custom blueprint functions as a versatile and adaptable floor plan, catering to current and future needs.

Powerful’s design approach included the development of engaging visualized pages, each infused with unique design elements that capture the essence of South Central Power Company’s diverse services. Through the use of color, imagery, interactive elements, and infographics, the website became more than mere aesthetics; it turned into a storytelling tool that allowed members and employees to connect with the cooperative’s mission and vision on a deeper level.

The redesign stands as an example of how artistry and functionality can be seamlessly woven to tell an organization’s unique story.


South Central Power Company's expansion into various service domains, such as broadband and security systems, presented a challenge. It was crucial to integrate these diverse services while ensuring ease of access and maintaining a cohesive brand identity .


Powerful introduced clearly marked department headers, providing visitors with an intuitive interface to navigate between the electric, broadband, security systems, and SCPC foundation services. This simplified design ensured smooth transitions between departments without compromising on the depth of information provided. To maintain a cohesive brand identity, the overarching design elements stayed consistent, reinforcing the cooperative's brand essence.


By incorporating department headers, Powerful has significantly improved the ease of access to various services offered by South Central Power Company. This has not only enhanced member experience but also fosters a more interconnected approach to service delivery, aligning with the cooperative's holistic approach to community engagement and member satisfaction.

Thank you for all your support and knowledge during this project. We're excited to offer such an impressive site for our members' benefit and look forward to many enhancements to come over the next few months.

Mark Owen

Manager, Communications

Our journey with South Central Power Electric Company's website redesign was marked by unwavering diligence and a commitment to excellence. Witnessing Anna, our designers', forward-thinking approach was truly inspiring. Their ability to envision not just what the cooperative needed today, but to anticipate future trends and member expectations, ensured that the website we've created is not only current but also future-proof. They challenged us to think creatively, but always with the member's needs at heart. This project showcases the remarkable synergy between creativity and technical prowess, resulting in a website that encapsulates South Central Power's values while paving the way for an innovative digital presence. It's been an honor to work alongside such dedicated professionals and witness their passion translate into a digital masterpiece!

Caleigh Pickard

Project Manager

The South Central Power website redesign has been a delightful fusion of creativity and strategy. By seamlessly integrating their vibrant identity, color palette, and graphic motifs, we’ve crafted a captivating online presence that not only embraces modern, innovative aesthetics but also stays true to the heart and soul of the brand’s personality.

Anna Stopa


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