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September 11, 2023

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Charlie Stanley Web Solutions Architect
Caleigh Pickard Project Manager
Martha Stopa Design & Layout
Joanna Velasquez Content Integration
Michael Confalone DNS & Website Launch
Katie Morman Content Visualization
Lydia Burris Vector Illustration
Leanna Thesken Case Study & Marketing
Deanna Frimann Resource Allocation


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In today’s digital era, an organization’s online presence is more than just a touchpoint; it’s an embodiment of its mission, vision, and commitment to its stakeholders. Skamania PUD, deeply rooted in its community-centric values, recognized the need to enrich their website.

Having previously collaborated, both Skamania PUD and Powerful’s familiarity laid the groundwork for a seamless partnership during the redesign project.

Behind-the-Scenes Evolution

Beyond the visible enhancements, one of the most pivotal upgrades introduced by Powerful was the robust enhancement of the WordPress management system’s backend. While Skamania PUD’s staff were no strangers to making website edits, Powerful’s strategic integration of a tailored collection of web apps elevated the editing experience to a new level. This suite of tools, designed with visitor-friendliness at its core, ensured that even complex website edits became intuitive and streamlined. This not only reduced the time required for content updates but also enabled Skamania PUD’s staff to dynamically adapt the website’s content, reflecting real-time changes and updates, fostering a more proactive website management approach.

Engaging Visualization

Powerful’s design philosophy is rooted in understanding visitor priorities and architecting websites that mirror those needs. In collaboration with Skamania PUD, 2 pages stood out as crucial touchpoints for visitors– the Outage Center and Payment Options.

The Payment Options page visualized direct links to primary payment methods, reducing transaction steps and integrating visual cues to boost visitor confidence. The Outage Center page was redesigned with a sense of urgency in mind, prioritizing quick reporting and real-time updates. An easily accessible button for accessing the outage map was incorporated; with special emphasis on mobile accessibility for visitors accessing information on-the-move.

The strategic visualization of these pages went beyond aesthetics; it was about facilitating crucial interactions.


Skamania PUD's legacy site accumulated content over the years. As the digital landscape evolved and visitor behaviors shifted, the organizational structure of the content was not as intuitive as modern visitors expected. While the content itself held value, the challenge lay in discerning an effective way to structure and present it. Powerful was challenged to re-envision its organization, ensuring visitors could access information efficiently and intuitively.


Through a thorough content audit, Powerful pinpointed the most-visited pages and areas of Skamania PUD's website. Based on these insights, Powerful implemented a task-oriented blueprint. This approach structured the website around visitors' primary tasks, ensuring swift and easy access to important functions like reporting outages or making payments.


The introduction of the task-oriented blueprint allow visitors to navigate Skamania PUD's website with ease and efficiency. The clear categorization of tasks and straightforward navigation tools emphasized Skamania PUD's commitment to facilitating a seamless digital experience for its community. This website transformation underscored Skamania PUD's dedication to modern, visitor-friendly service while also reinforcing the efficiency of its online platform.

Our new website looks very nice and is easy to navigate for our customers.

Kelly Tennison

Administrative Records Specialist

As the project manager for Skamania PUD's new website, collaborating with their dedicated team has been an absolute joy. Together, we've crafted a website that reflects their vision and values. I love how this website embodies a perfect blend of simplicity and sophistication, making it incredibly visitor-friendly. The addition of the interactive rate comparison calculator is poised to be a game-changer, providing site visitors with a wonderful tool for informed decision-making. It's been a privilege to contribute to such an exceptional project!

Caleigh Pickard

Project Manager

With a wonderful suite of web apps, adding content to the site has never been easier! Whether it’s a news release, staff member, or meeting agenda, our web apps make adding new content a breeze. The Skamania PUD team can be confident in their ability to provide new content to their site visitors with ease.

Michael Confalone

DNS & Website Launch

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