Old Dominion Electric Cooperative

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June 7, 2023

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Caleigh Pickard Project Manager
Anna Stopa Design & Layout
Michael Confalone Content Strategy
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Katie Morman Content Visualization
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Lydia Burris Vector Illustration
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Old Dominion Electric Cooperative (ODEC) is a Generation and Transmission Cooperative (G&T), serving 11 distribution cooperatives across Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware. ODEC’s service area is diverse, spanning from the mountains to the coast and encompassing both rural and urban communities. Currently, their membership serves approximately 1.5 million and operate 550,000 meters. ODEC is strongly committed to providing affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy for all its members.

Recognizing the importance of reflecting these values and their dynamic, forward-thinking approach in their digital presence, ODEC partnered with Powerful for a website redesign. The redesigned website aims to not only inform members of ODEC’s services but also to highlight their commitment to sustainability and innovation. The new design provides intuitive navigation for visitors, enabling them to understand ODEC’s expansive operations, sustainability efforts, and community engagement. It’s a digital transformation that aligns with ODEC’s evolving identity as an energy provider, highlighting the progressive steps they’re taking within the energy industry.

Streamlining Navigation & Enhancing Information Accessibility

ODEC has a wealth of information to present to its diverse member base. This information ranges from the cooperative’s structure, member details, G&T plants, renewable initiatives, energy efficiency programs, news updates, financial reports, career opportunities, economic development, and government affairs. The key objective of the redesign was to make this vast array of information accessible in an intuitively navigable way, improving visitor experience while effectively communicating ODEC’s multi-faceted operations.

A crucial part of the website redesign involved the introduction of clearly defined department headers. These headers were crafted to categorize and highlight the key sectors of ODEC’s operations, helping to present their diverse information in an organized manner. The intuitive navigation simplifies visitors’ journeys throughout the website. The strategically placed content ultimately enables members to gain a comprehensive understanding of ODEC’s commitment to high-quality, member-centric services.


ODEC was grappling with the challenge of efficiently presenting a vast array of data to their diverse membership base. The primary hurdle was to organize this complex content in a way that was not just easily accessible but also intuitively navigable for visitors, while enhancing the visitor experience and effectively communicating the multi-dimensional nature of ODEC's operations.


To address these challenges, Powerful implemented a department header. At the top of the website lies 3 tabs including "Electric Cooperative", "Energize Efficiently", and "Member Portal". These tabs serve as strategic categories that organize and highlight key areas of ODEC's operations. With the help of the department header, visitors can easily toggle between the different websites.


Through Powerful's redesign, ODEC can now effectively present their wide range of information in a well-organized and navigable manner. The new website's clearly defined department header meets ODEC's initial goal of making their vast array of information intuitively accessible. It provides an enhanced visitor experience, boosts member engagement, and effectively communicates ODEC's commitments to transparency, member service, and sustainable energy. Overall, the website redesign has strengthened ODEC's digital presence, reflecting their evolving identity as a forward-thinking energy provider.

Our main objective in redesigning ODEC’s website was to prioritize clarity and ease-of-use. We aimed to create an intuitive digital space that embodies ODEC’s identity while effectively communicating their diverse operations. By introducing well-defined department headers we combined ODEC’s vast information in a cohesive manner that streamlines the visitor experience. Our approach focused on creating a friendly and professional design that seamlessly blends functionality with engaging storytelling. The result is a website that reflects ODEC’s brand, facilitates easy navigation, and effectively conveys their energy mix story.

Anna Stopa

Lead Designer

ODEC’s new website not only serves their diverse members better, but also resonates with their commitments to transparency, member service, and sustainable energy. The department header is a forward-thinking addition that allows for streamlined navigation, while providing a comprehensive understanding of ODEC's operations and values. It's been rewarding to see how this project has enhanced ODEC's digital presence and brought significant value to their members!

Caleigh Pickard

Project Manager

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