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July 6, 2023

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Caleigh Pickard Project Manager
Martha Stopa Design & Layout
Michael Confalone Content Strategy
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Mountain View Electric Association, Inc. (MVEA), is more than just an electric cooperative. Since 1941, it has a rich history of innovation, integrity, and community involvement, illuminating the lives of more than 53,500 members across a diverse geographical landscape, spanning 8 counties. In an ever-changing technological landscape, even the most adept need to adapt. MVEA, having worked with Powerful for its initial website creation, recognized the value of staying current and fresh in the face of a fast-paced digital evolution. Their vision was clear: to secure the digital bridge connecting them to their members, enhancing their website with modern web trends, while remaining true to their values.

The Blueprint Transformation

When MVEA first partnered with Powerful, the original website utilized a task-oriented blueprint. The task-oriented blueprint focused on facilitating quick access to core services such as bill payments, outage reports, and starting or stopping service. While this blueprint served its purpose, it became apparent that MVEA’s expanding service portfolio and evolving communication needs demanded a new approach.

MVEA’s growth necessitated a shift from a task-oriented structure to a promotional blueprint. This layout shifts the focus from task-oriented functions to promoting a broader range of services and information. A hero image featuring MVEA line workers and a central SmartHub login are prominently featured at the top, acting as a focal point to engage site visitors. While the website highlights MVEA’s unique offerings, it also ensures the information is easy to navigate. Throughout the site, multiple promotional sections showcase the diverse ways in which MVEA serves its community, including rebates, events, and announcements. The dynamic events and announcements section keeps members informed in real-time.

The shift from a task-oriented to a promotional blueprint has improved MVEA’s member engagement and accessibility. This transition has effectively turned MVEA’s website into a dynamic tool for showcasing its diverse service offerings while still catering to the fundamental needs of its members. As a result, the successful redesign has reinforced MVEA’s progressive approach and exemplified how a tailored, strategic blueprint can enhance the online experience, driving deeper engagement and boosting member satisfaction.


One of the specific challenges MVEA faced was an underrepresentation of its ever-evolving services and offerings. Their previous task-oriented site structure served functional needs, but it did not offer sufficient space to highlight new services or initiatives that MVEA was eager to share with their members.


Addressing these challenges, Powerful implemented a promotional blueprint, transforming MVEA's website into a dynamic showcase of their diverse services, community initiatives, and cooperative values. To balance promotion and task efficiency, quick-access buttons for critical services such as outage reporting, SmartHub login, and starting a service were maintained, subtly embedded into the promotional blueprint to keep them within easy reach. To further foster community engagement, Powerful integrated interactive features such as a news section and event calendar into the homepage. These features keep members updated about MVEA's initiatives and encourage others to participate in community events and activities.


The redesigned MVEA website has proven to be a major leap forward in terms of both member engagement and service promotion. The website now offers an informative and engaging platform where members can not only complete necessary tasks but also explore the full spectrum of MVEA's services, stay informed about news and events, and feel a deeper connection to the cooperative's mission and community involvement.

MVEA's new site features a fresh take on how we incorporated their branding colors! They are utilizing a promotional blueprint, where they have the ability to showcase featured content on their homepage. Additionally, the upgrade includes our comprehensive suite of Hawthorne web apps, providing them with a wider range of applications to enhance the organization of their content.

Martha Stopa

Design & Layout

MVEA's commitment to community and innovation resonated with us at Powerful, and we were excited to channel their values into their website redesign. The new website features enhanced navigability, seamless service accessibility, and a comprehensive showcasing of MVEA's extensive offerings. This project is a reaffirmation of Powerful's commitment to creating humanized web experiences that truly reflect our clients' vision and values!

Caleigh Pickard

Project Manager

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