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June 6, 2023

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Charlie Stanley Web Solutions Architect
Caleigh Pickard Project Manager
Anna Stopa Design & Layout
Michael Confalone Content Strategy & Integration
Martha Stopa Quality Assurance
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Mehran Aziz Web Developer
Kenneth Kimbrell DNS & Site Launch
Leanna Thesken Marketing & Case Study
Deanna Frimann Resource Allocation


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Flathead Electric Cooperative (FEC) is the largest electric cooperative in Montana, serving over 56,000 members. As the only provider of electric service in their area, they sought to become a more trusted energy advisor to their members. They identified their website as a key platform in achieving trustworthy communication, however, it required a significant redesign to effectively represent the cooperative’s modern and forward-thinking approach. FEC challenged Powerful to reposition their website from a task-based site to an educational, storytelling platform with a cohesive brand.

Data-Driven Decisions

Powerful’s Premium UX Package was instrumental in creating a website that not only looked modern and sleek but also offered an enhanced visitor experience that was tailored to FEC’s diverse member base. As part of the package, Powerful conducts a heat map analysis, a tool that provides valuable insights into visitor behavior and engagement. The heat map utilizes color gradients to visually represent the intensity or frequency of visitor actions, such as clicks, taps, or cursor movements, within specific areas of a webpage. This research informed everything from the site’s layout and navigation to the placement of key features like the SmartHub login and outage information. This data-driven approach allows Powerful’s team to gain a comprehensive understanding of how visitors interact with different elements on the website.

Improved Content Management

When approaching the redesign process, FEC prioritized the improvement of their content management process. After a thorough analysis, FEC’s team determined that their “Light Reading Newsletter” needed a different system. Their previous website presented the newsletter as a single page of content updated monthly. This approach was inefficient and limited the lifespan and accessibility of valuable content, as past issues were only available through PDF links. Through the implementation of Powerful’s signature web app collection, FEC utilized the Blog app. The Blog app transformed the “Light Reading Newsletter” into individual blog posts, boosting efficiency in updating monthly content. Now, members can easily refer back to past articles without relying on PDF links.



After carefully evaluating their content, FEC and Powerful determined that their website lacked a visitor-friendly design required to engage and serve its members effectively. The outdated website also had limitations in its features and capabilities, hindering FEC's ability to adapt to evolving member needs.


Powerful addressed these challenges by implementing several key solutions. Powerful's team performed a comprehensive design facelift, creating a modern, sleek, and intuitive look that strongly showcases FEC's brand. Powerful upgraded FEC’s website to their signature web app collection. This provided FEC's website with improved features and capabilities, allowing it to better serve member needs. The upgrade also ensured FEC would have access to continued update releases, ensuring the platform could evolve with the cooperative's needs.


Through a blend of aesthetics and functionality, FEC's redesigned website significantly elevates the visitor experience and the platform's capabilities. The new look and feel not only enhances the visual appeal but also improves the website's navigability and visitor-friendliness. The signature web app collection upgrade offers a robust set of features designed to cater to the diverse needs of FEC's members. From providing a seamless bill payment experience to delivering timely updates on power outages, the upgraded platform significantly improves FEC's overall service quality.

With our dedicated team, we worked tirelessly to understand the needs of FEC's diverse member base and align our solutions with their goals. The result is a website that not only looks modern and sleek but also embodies FEC's mission as a trusted, forward-thinking energy advisor. I'm incredibly proud of what we've achieved, and it's rewarding to see our vision translated into a tangible platform that effectively serves the FEC community!

Caleigh Pickard

Project Manager

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