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July 24, 2023

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Charlie Stanley Web Solutions Architect
Caleigh Pickard Project Manager
Kaytee Horton Content Strategy
Martha Stopa Design & Layout
Michael Confalone Content Integration
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Mehran Aziz Web Developer
Deanna Frimann Resource Allocation
Lydia Burris Vector Illustration
Kenneth Kimbrell DNS & Site Launch
Leanna Thesken Marketing & Case Study


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Eastex Telephone Cooperative, Inc. is a member-owned service, founded in 1950, with a proud history of being one of the first telephone cooperatives established in the U.S. Today, Eastex, along with its affiliates, offer a wide range of services, including broadband Internet, voice, data transport, Wi-Fi, and security automation, to numerous subscribers in Texas. Despite its historical significance and robust service offerings, Eastex identified the need to modernize its online presence to reflect its forward-thinking approach.

Seeking to increase transparency, promote the use of online tools, and improve accessibility, Eastex partnered with Powerful for a website redesign. The goals were clear: deliver a site that’s easy to navigate, intuitive, and infused with a responsive design that serves residents, businesses, and cooperative members alike.

The Value of Responsive & Relevant Content

One of the standout features of the website redesign was the commitment to a responsive design. Given the increasing variety of devices that people use to access the web, it was vital that the website provided a consistent visitor experience across all platforms. This is particularly relevant for Eastex’s audience, which spans a diverse range of demographics and technical capabilities.

The principle of accessibility that underscored the responsive design extended to Eastex’s content strategy as well. Powerful introduced a significant shift by repurposing Eastex’s newsletter content for the website. The newsletters, previously published in a traditional PDF format, were transformed into dynamic web content, making them searchable and translatable, further enhancing accessibility. This approach ensures that Eastex’s website remains as an engaging, informative, and up-to-date platform for all members; reinforcing the central role of the website in Eastex’s communication strategy.

This comprehensive redesign– combining responsive design with an innovative content strategy– resulted in an interactive, accessible platform that better serves Eastex’s diverse audience.


Eastex’s vast and diverse service territory posed a significant challenge. With varying technologies and internet speeds across different areas, the cooperative needed a method to provide accurate and tailored information to members based on their specific locations. Powerful was challenged to integrate a system capable of delivering location-specific information to members, enhancing their online experience and helping them make well-informed decisions.


Powerful implemented CheckPoint, a tool designed to provide custom rate plans and signup options based on a member's service location. CheckPoint enables site visitors to easily input their service location and view the available rate plans and signup options. The design emphasizes clarity and simplicity, with the tool integrated in a manner that complemented the overall website design, ensuring a seamless visitor journey from browsing to checking rates and signing up.


The efficient implementation of the CheckPoint tool was instrumental in reducing phone call and email volume, indicating members were able to find necessary information through the website itself. Members are now empowered to understand precisely what services were available to them, leading to informed decisions and increased satisfaction.

We appreciate all of the Powerful team’s hard work, dedication and patience with us throughout this project! We are so excited to have launched the new site. It looks a million times better, and we love all of the accessibility features, the ease of navigation and the crisp, clean look.

With Eastex Telephone Cooperative, we pushed the boundaries of what a local provider's website could be. Our team created a vibrant, immersive digital experience, infusing each element - from the custom footer illustration to the progressive micro-animations - with a touch of local flavor. This design is a testament to our unwavering dedication to creating unique, forward-thinking web solutions that truly resonate with the community.

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Charlie Stanley

Web Solution Architect

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