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June 29, 2023

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Bartholomew County REMC


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Bartholomew County REMC (BCREMC) has been a pillar of Columbus, Indiana since 1937. Serving rural Bartholomew County initially with 121 homes in German and Flatrock townships, the cooperative has expanded to cover all townships in the county and even stretches into adjoining areas. Today, it provides service to a diverse mix of residential, commercial, and industrial members. As a member-owned utility, BCREMC strives to fulfill the evolving needs of its members. Recognizing that their existing website did not fully capture the scope of their growth and diversity, BCREMC faced the challenge of reshaping their online presence. The existing website fell short in its accessibility and visitor-friendly interface, especially for their broad demographic base ranging from tech-savvy younger generations to older patrons who value simplicity and ease of use. This requirement for an inclusive and intuitive website prompted BCREMC to partner with Powerful.

Accessibility & Engagement

Acknowledging BCREMC’s multigenerational member base, Powerful approached the redesign with an emphasis on accessibility and engagement. For younger members, the redesign features modern, interactive elements aligning with current design trends to enhance visitor experience and engagement. For the older generation, the design focuses on simplicity and ease of use– implementing large, legible fonts and intuitive navigation menus.

To ensure universal accessibility, Powerful introduced adaptable accessibility settings such as adjustable text size. This thoughtful design consideration helped bridge the digital divide, making the website not just visitor-friendly but also adaptable to individual visitor preferences. Through the redesign, BCREMC has not only modernized its online presence but also created a more inclusive platform that serves the needs of its diverse, multigenerational member base.

The inclusive platform was accomplished through Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) compliance, featuring alt-text for images, captions for videos, and keyboard navigation for those unable to use a mouse or touch screen. The website is not only more engaging and easier to use for all members, but it also ensures that everyone, regardless of age, technological proficiency, or physical capability, can access the resources they need. The redesign showcases BCREMC’s commitment to inclusivity and modernization, emphasizing itself as a member-focused, forward-thinking utility provider.


The key challenge for BCREMC was to revamp its website in a way that would effectively cater to a diverse demographic with varying digital proficiencies. The complexity of this multi-generational audience required a unique solution that could facilitate seamless online interactions for all members. The goal was to create an inclusive platform that appealed to all visitors, irrespective of age or technical proficiency.


To appeal to younger members accustomed to advanced technology, modern design elements were introduced, including a responsive design that enables a seamless browsing experience. To ensure accessibility for older generations, simplicity and clarity were prioritized with easy-to-read fonts and intuitive navigation. A standout feature was the inclusion of customizable font size settings, allowing visitors to tailor their browsing experience according to their needs.


BCREMC's new website offers a balance between modern designs and visitor-friendly simplicity, proving to be efficient and engaging for all visitors.The redesign has brought BCREMC's online presence up to date and helped to further its reputation as a service provider that truly understands and caters to the needs of its diverse member base.

We’re incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved! The new website perfectly encapsulates REMC's member-focused mission, with its combination of modern design elements and comprehensive accessibility features. To see it come to life and receive positive feedback from BCREMC and its members is a testament to the collaborative approach we adopted. It's a digital transformation that truly enhances visitor engagement, inclusivity, and overall member experience, and we are thrilled to have been a part of it!

Caleigh Pickard

Project Manager

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