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March 29, 2022

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PNGC Power, a cooperatively-owned generation and transmission broker, is dedicated to maximizing the competitive position of its member-owners by meeting their collective power supply and transmission needs. Their mission is to provide financial and strategic value through technical and policy leadership, exceptional operational practices, and meaningful member services. In alignment with this mission, PNGC Power partnered with Powerful to redesign their website and enhance their online presence.

Through this collaboration, PNGC Power aimed to provide a seamless visitor experience and showcase their commitment to reliable, cost-effective power solutions. The redesigned website effectively communicates the advantages of collective buying leverage, advanced technologies, and exceptional operational practices available to member-owners.

Evolving with Technology

Powerful implemented a mobile-first design approach into PNGC Power’s new website, bringing significant improvements. By prioritizing the mobile experience, Powerful ensured that the website was optimized for seamless viewing and interaction on smartphones and tablets. By embracing this approach, PNGC Power demonstrates their commitment to meeting the needs of their audience, providing a visitor-friendly platform that caters to the growing number of mobile users.

Beyond mobile optimization, the website redesign also encompassed a refresh of visual elements and branding. Powerful worked closely with PNGC Power to create a visually appealing and modern design that aligned with their brand identity. High-quality imagery, consistent color schemes, and updated graphics were incorporated to provide a cohesive and visually engaging experience. This refreshed visual aesthetic not only attracted and retained visitor attention but also reinforced PNGC Power’s professionalism and reliability in the energy industry.

In addition to the front-end improvements, the website’s backend content management system underwent significant updates. Powerful implemented an easy-to-use content management system (CMS) that empowered PNGC Power’s staff to easily update and manage website content. This backend enhancement ensured that information remained up to date and relevant, while also improving workflow efficiency. The updated CMS provided a flexible and scalable foundation for future growth, allowing PNGC Power to adapt to changing content needs and easily incorporate new features and functionalities.

Driven by a Mission

By leveraging Powerful’s expertise in website design and development, PNGC Power’s newly-designed website aligns with their mission statement and reinforces their position as a leader in the energy industry. Their functional website serves as a valuable resource for member-owners, offering a visitor-friendly interface to explore power supply options, access important information, and stay connected with PNGC Power’s services and initiatives.


Prior to the redesign, PNGC Power faced several challenges with their outdated website. The old site had become ineffective in communicating their brand identity, member benefits, and technical expertise. It lacked a visitor-friendly interface, making it difficult for member-owners to navigate and access relevant information. This outdated design hindered PNGC Power's ability to showcase their commitment to reliable, cost-effective power solutions and provide a seamless visitor experience.


To address the shortcomings of the old site, Powerful conducted a comprehensive assessment of PNGC Power's needs and implemented solutions to modernize the website. The Powerful team of trusted web experts optimized the website for mobile devices, ensuring a seamless experience across different screen sizes. Powerful's team refreshed the visual elements, incorporating PNGC Power's branding guidelines, modern aesthetics, and high-quality imagery. In addition, Powerful integrated a content management system that enables easy updates and maintenance, empowering PNGC Power to keep the website current and relevant.


PNGC Power's new website delivers impactful results by incorporating a mobile-first design approach, visually engaging elements, and backend improvements. The mobile optimization enhances the visitor experience on various devices, leading to increased mobile traffic. The visually appealing design elements and consistent branding reinforces PNGC Power's professionalism and reliability. The backend enhancements improve website performance, security, and flexibility, while the content management system empowers easy content updates. Overall, the redesign successfully positions PNGC Power as a leading energy provider, increasing engagement, and providing a positive visitor experience.

I’m floating right now! This site is so beautiful. Initial reactions from staff are WOW!

Thank you so much, to your team. I’m going to start adjusting things tomorrow, but for now; I’m just going to bask in a new, gorgeous website!

Andrew Barter

Manager of Marketing & Corporate Communications

PNGC Power utilizes our scrolling story blueprint to showcase who they are and what they do. Homepage sections include information about their current projects as well as their plans for the future, along with displaying info on their members, team, and board. This blueprint serves as an excellent way to authentically portray their mission and values.

Martha Stopa

Content Strategy & Integration

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