Oklahoma’s Electric Cooperatives

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September 1, 2020

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Charlie Stanley Web Solutions Architect
Anna Stopa Design Strategist
Brian Aloisi Project Manager
Kaytee Horton Content Strategy
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Mehran Aziz Lead Web Developer
Kateland Miltner Layout & Design
Martha Stopa Content Integration
Matt Wiggin
Matt Wiggin Quality Assurance
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Sarah Nelson Navigational Architecture
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The Oklahoma Association of Electric Cooperatives (OAEC) partners with 30 distribution cooperatives to serve 648,000 consumer member-owners across Oklahoma, Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico and Texas.

The foundation of OAEC lies within the seven core cooperative principles. While evaluating the intentions for the website redesign, Powerful and OAEC determined the new website needed to highlight OAEC’s pride for its state and community. Given OAEC’s extensive efforts in providing reliable education, and community development — their website needed to reflect the great impact they make within the many communities served across Oklahoma. Powerful embarked on a design that highlights everything OAEC stands for—advocacy, education, and the Cooperative difference.

Empowering Messaging

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million. OAEC’s website visitors are greeted by a video in the hero section of the homepage. This hero video conveys OAEC’s cooperative spirit much quicker than words can. The videos highlight OAEC’s community initiatives which successfully portrays their authenticity.

The Cooperative Difference

This website was designed by a cooperative, for a cooperative; making its values truly shine. OAEC places a large emphasis on cooperative principle #7– Concern for Community. Powerful’s design approach uplifts this principle by highlighting OAEC’s dedication to its members.


Oklahoma’s Electric Cooperatives serve 93% of Oklahoma’s landmass, providing service in all of Oklahoma’s 77 counties. This large service territory needed a website that was universal for the entire state, yet personal for each of the counties it serves.


To create an individualized and humanized online web experience, the new website highlights OAEC’s commitment to its community. The phrase, “Powering lives. Empowering communities”, shines on the homepage and emulates that very message throughout individual website pages. Photos, videos, and calls to action encourage website visitors to engage with OAEC and get involved—ultimately helping OAEC live out its mission and vision.


By replacing the traditional hero image carousel and hero image banner, OAEC's hero video effectively engages with their audience. Research proves that people remember and respond to video more than any text they read. As a result, OAEC captures their audience's attention, quickly delivers their message, and boosts engagement and interactivity.

Working with PUR to bring our website to life was a delight. We had a vision and we had goals, but Powerful worked with us to go beyond what we had envisioned.

The website is an extremely useful tool to our members and to our staff. It added efficiency, value and it serves as a “face” to our statewide association that we are proud to share with anyone.” We could not be more thankful to have selected Powerful as our website partner!

Anna Politano, CCC

Director of Public Relations & Communications


Gold in Spotlight of Excellence, Most Innovative Use of Digital Communication

NRECA: National Rural Electric Cooperative Assn

The OAEC team was well organized and deliberate throughout the entire process,. They are fantastic communicators and worked together to clarify their vision and then brought it to us to bring to life.

Kaytee Horton

Content Strategist

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