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October 19, 2021

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Charlie Stanley Web Solutions Architect
Kaytee Horton Project Manager
Martha Stopa Design & Content Strategy
Nathaniel Robertson DNS & Site Launch
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Mehran Aziz Web Developer
Lydia Burris Vector Illustration
Matt Wiggin
Matt Wiggin Quality Assurance
Brian Aloisi Resource Allocation


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Columbia REA Website


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Columbia REA, a member-owned energy cooperative providing reliable, cost-effective utility services since 1940, embarked on a mission to redesign their website. Recognizing the need for a more intuitive, informative, and visually appealing website, Columbia REA partnered with Powerful. The aim was to create a platform that reflected their mission statement and core values, offering a visitor-friendly experience while staying true to their community’s unique character.

Prioritizing Accessibility

Website accessibility was a focal point in the redesign of Columbia REA’s website. Powerful was committed to ensuring the new website was not just visitor-friendly but truly inclusive, providing a seamless digital experience for all members, including those with disabilities. Powerful adhered to modern accessibility standards by implementing features such as high-contrast color schemes for visitors with visual impairments, keyboard navigability for those who may not be able to use a mouse, and compatibility with screen readers for visually impaired visitors. Additionally, the website’s responsive design ensures that it performs optimally across a range of devices, whether it be a desktop, tablet, or phone; providing an equally satisfying visitor experience.

These accessibility measures showcase their commitment to fostering an inclusive digital environment where every member, regardless of their abilities, can easily access and engage with their services.

Community Engagement

The Columbia REA website redesign includes an innovative and customized illustrated footer that truly captures the local essence of the community it serves. This feature, distinct in its design, acts as a visual homage to the unique aspects of the Columbia REA’s community. By incorporating designs inspired by local landmarks, geographical features, and community attributes, the footer presents an authentic, local feel that resonates with members. As a result, it fosters a sense of community and belonging amongst the cooperative’s members. The illustrated footer stands as a symbol of Columbia REA’s deep-rooted commitment to their community– blending local, personalized aesthetics with functional design, further enhancing the visitor experience and member engagement.

Energy & Broadband Cohesiveness

In addition to their core energy services, Columbia REA also needed to highlight their broadband services, Columbia iConnect. As part of the website redesign, it was crucial to ensure cohesiveness between the two brands and their respective subsites. Powerful worked diligently to create a seamless integration between the main Columbia REA website and the Columbia iConnect subsite, maintaining a consistent visual identity, navigation structure, and overall visitor experience. By employing cohesive branding elements, such as color schemes, typography, and graphic styles, Powerful ensured that both websites felt like a unified entity while still allowing for distinct messaging and content relevant to their specific services.


The previous website design did not effectively communicate Columbia REA's mission statement and core values, including their commitment to reliability, innovation, and community support. To ensure these commitments were being fulfilled, Powerful worked on creating a fully responsive design that ensured an optimized visitor experience across all devices.


To cater to Columbia REA's needs, Powerful designed the website in alignment with Columbia REA's unique mission. Powerful optimized the new website with high-contrast color schemes for users with visual impairments and clear and intuitive navigation patterns for easy exploration. The layout was designed to be keyboard navigable, catering to those who are unable to use a mouse, and it was made compatible with screen readers to include visitors with visual impairments.


With the implementation of features like high-contrast color schemes, keyboard navigability, and screen reader compatibility, the site has become more inclusive, extending its reach to a broader demographic, including those with disabilities. The responsive design has also ensured a seamless and intuitive experience across all devices. By implementing a design that puts members first and underlining Columbia REA's commitment to improving local communities, the redesigned website serves as a true reflection of Columbia REA's core values of honesty, loyalty, responsibility, positivity, and professionalism.

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