Igniting Passions, Shaping Careers: Youth Leadership Council’s Next Chapter

In the heart of our nation’s capital, once every year, a special event unfolds that shapes the minds of future leaders. The NRECA Youth Tour, an enriching initiative by the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA), brings together 1,600 bright, ambitious youngsters. It’s a week-long immersion into the world of rural electrification, a journey through our nation’s history, encounters with lawmakers, and much more.

Out of these promising young minds, a select few are chosen to represent their states in the prestigious Youth Leadership Council. A journey that is set to influence them for the rest of their lives. This powerful program has been a stepping stone for some of the most recognized figures in business today, including Tim Cook, CEO of Apple.

This is where our story begins.

At Powerful, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to extend the reach of this program, taking the baton from the electric co-ops, and helping these exceptional individuals transition into the next chapter of their lives. We believe in nurturing the talent that springs from the Youth Leadership Council. We have provided opportunities for three different alumni, handpicked for their exemplary performance and promise, to work with electric cooperatives on creating their websites.

Our team members, hailing from diverse states – Arkansas, Louisiana, and Hawaii – were chosen as the best of the best in their respective years, proudly representing their state in the Youth Leadership Council. They are now driving digital transformations for utility organizations, returning the investment these organizations made in them years ago.

As these talents graduate college, complete internships at electric cooperatives and statewide associations, they bring invaluable insights and experiences about the cooperative community to our table. Their passion for rural electrification, combined with their digital prowess, fuels their work at Powerful, enabling us to offer the finest website solutions to our partners.

A goal for the Powerful team is to build a bridge between youthful ambition and the needs of electric co-ops. We’re investing in the same causes as our electric cooperative partners, nurturing the leaders of tomorrow. Our commitment to this mission goes beyond mere words. We stand as an organization you can trust, one that shares cooperative values and contributes to a shared future.

As you read this, know that you’re not just partnering with an agency for your website needs. You’re choosing to support a legacy, the same legacy that has shaped future leaders and continues to do so. Our story resonates with your cause, our people mirror your values. This shared bond, we believe, is the foundation of a fruitful partnership.

We invite you to join us on this journey, not merely as a client, but as a partner. Together, let’s empower the electric co-ops, invest in our future leaders, and contribute to the thriving cooperative community. It’s more than just business—it’s a partnership grounded in shared values and common goals. Choose Powerful, where we bring the best of the best to you.

The adventure awaits. Are you ready?