What You Need to Know About 3rd Party Web Hosting and Security

Why Powerful Doesn’t Support Self-Hosting or 3rd Party Hosting

At Powerful, we believe that hosting and managing a website is a crucial part of providing a comprehensive digital solution. This is why we require that our clients host their website with us. In this post, we’ll explain why we take this stance and what benefits it provides.

Preventing a Game of “Hot Potato”

One of the primary reasons we don’t allow self-hosting is to prevent what we call the “hot potato” game. This happens when a client is passed back and forth between the web host and the developer/designer, with each party pointing the finger at the other when something goes wrong. By hosting and managing the website ourselves, we can take full responsibility for its performance and ensure that any issues are addressed quickly.

Ensuring Proper Backups and Upscaling

Another benefit of hosting with us is that we can ensure proper backups of your website and upscale it when needed in real-time. This means that you can rest assured that your website is in safe hands and that it can handle any traffic surges without going down.

Keeping Critical Information Available During Disasters

In the event of a natural disaster in your service territory, hosting your website with us ensures that critical information can still be delivered to your customers. With our hosting infrastructure, we can keep your website online and accessible, even when your local infrastructure is down.

Trusted Web Experts

At Powerful, we pride ourselves on being trusted web experts, not just in IT or general server maintenance, but in managing web servers that are specifically configured for our platform. Our team has numerous security best practices in place, ensuring that your website is safe from hackers and other malicious attacks. We also have optimizations in place to ensure uptime during heavy traffic periods, ensuring that your website is always available to your customers.

Source Code Compatibility

It’s important to note that we cannot guarantee continuous compatibility with our software and website on a third-party hosting platform. This is because we cannot test the configuration on an external hosting platform. By hosting with us, you can rest assured that your website will be fully compatible with our software and optimized for performance.

Benefits of AWS Hosting

Finally, our hosting is powered and backed by AWS, which offers numerous benefits such as scalability, flexibility, and security. With AWS, we can ensure that your website is always available and running at peak performance.

In conclusion, hosting and managing a website is a complex task that requires specialized expertise. By hosting with Powerful, you can rest assured that your website is in good hands, with a team of trusted web experts dedicated to ensuring its performance and security.