Site Launch Spotlight: Why Electrify by Hoosier Energy

Hoosier Energy, a generation and transmission cooperative, serves 18 member electric cooperatives in central and southern Indiana and southeastern Illinois. In addition to providing members with reliable and competitively priced energy and services, the cooperative recently launched a Premium website with the help of the Powerful Web team.

Empowering Members and Communities with Educational Resources

Why Electrify is an informational website that advocates the use of electricity and acts as a resource for members and the cooperative community. Providing data and information on electricity usage and energy efficiency, the new site encourages members to learn more about their electric usage.

“We are excited to launch such a dynamic, member-focused website” said Blake Kleaving, Manager of Energy Management Solutions at Hoosier Energy. “Why Electrify and its educational resources add to our member cooperatives’ reputation as trusted energy partners in their communities. The new website provides an opportunity for member-consumers to learn, interact and grow with their local electric cooperative as we move into the next frontier of energy.”

Increasing Engagement with Powerful Functionalities

The new Why Electrify website was custom-built with many visually-stunning features, including a homepage video background, an illustrated footer, and anchor scrolling.

But looks aren’t all that’s powering this website. Behind the design are a number of functionalities that help increase engagement and improve user experience, including:

  • Right-side homepage navigations so users can easily go back to the section they need
  • Visualized pages with micro animations to help break down blocks of text
  • ChooseEV integration to help users learn more about the benefits of electric vehicles
The Why Electrify website by Hoosier Energy, showcases data visualization pages, this one focuses on the Cooperative Difference.

Congratulations to Hoosier Energy on a successful launch of the Why Electrify website!