The Easy Way to Get Your Utility Cooperative Members to Go Paperless

There are many benefits to switch from paper bills to electronic statements. It is convenient, you can pay no matter where you are, you save money on postage, and you reduce your carbon footprint. Some people though still need a little convincing. We’re sharing the secret on how to get your members to switch over to electronic billing on your website.

Promote Paperless Billing

Make it Easy to Enroll

Make it easy to enroll and pay their bills online. Keep the enrollment process simple and quick. If possible, utilize 1-click enrollment. The process should be effortless for them to switch, otherwise, they might not bother. Your customer service representatives should be able to enroll them over the phone as well.

Make sure all the relevant information, such as the due date and amount due are easy to see, same as with a paper bill. They shouldn’t have to scroll or click around to find this. Whether on their computer, phone, or tablet, make sure everything is responsive so that they can pay their bill no matter what device they are using.

Best Time to Sign Up

Get members to sign up right when they first open an account with you. This is the best time to get your site visitors to sign up. Or make paperless billing the default option when new members open an account. They don’t even have to think about it.


Utilize all your marketing channels to promote paperless billing. Include inserts in your newsletters, post on your company’s social media, display a message on your website. All these methods help you to craft powerful messaging to encourage your members to make the switch.

Offer Incentives

Offer incentives for your members to enroll in paperless billing. This can be a paperless billing contest, where a certain amount of people can win a bill credit if they sign up within a set time frame. Or offer a discount for each month of their bill. These savings can help push them to enroll and will save your company money in the long-term by having more members use electronic statements.

Reinforce These Ideas

Some members may need some more reassurance that electronic billing is better than paper bills. Let them know about the many benefits with paperless billing.

Just as Secure

Paperless billing is as secure, if not more, than receiving a paper bill in the mail. Paper bills can get lost or be sent to the wrong address. Paperless billing uses online authentication and firewalls to keep their information safe. Let them know what steps you take to keep their financial information secure.

Payment Reminders

Members can still get reminders to pay their bill. Give them options, and let them know they can receive reminders, through email or even text if they want. And this way, they have the added convenience of being able to pay from their phone, such as if they are away on vacation.

Keep Their Statements

They can keep their statements without paper bills. They can access old statements online, without the clutter. They can also save their statements as PDFs and keep them stored virtually.

Eco-Friendly Benefits

Reinforce the eco-friendly benefits to paperless billing. More and more people are thinking about how to reduce their carbon footprint. Electronic statements are a better option for the environment. It also helps showcase how you, as a company, are taking steps to reduce your environmental impact. People appreciate companies that support the environment.

Make the Switch

These tips are remarkably effective in getting your members to make the switch and help increase the enrollment for paperless billing. This strategy is great not only for your customers, but also for your company to save time and money.