Emphasize Your Energy Efficiency Programs

The switch to renewable energy sources is growing. As a utility company, you may already have renewable energy sources or programs for your members.

Promoting energy efficiency programs benefits both your members and your company. By helping members reduce their energy use this, in turn, keeps their energy bills low. This helps you as a company. It will reduce demand during peak hours which helps you to provide the needed electricity for your whole territory, without having to build new construction projects to keep up with demand.

Any energy service programs you have as a company are worth endorsing on your site. Choose the program that fits you best and promote them to your members.


Offer incentives for your members. They can receive rebates by purchasing qualifying equipment.

Some options to offer incentives on are:

  • ENERGY STAR appliances
  • Smart thermostats
  • Water heaters
  • Heat pumps
  • LED lighting
  • Outdoor equipment

These energy-efficient measures will help reduce their energy use. Over time, this helps them to save money. By offering an incentive, this will help push them to make these energy-efficient purchases. State the qualifications required so they know exactly what they need to do to receive the rebate. Convert the rebate form into an online form so that they can easily fill out the form on their phone or laptop. Keeping the process easy will help encourage more members to participate.

Load Management

Offer a program so people can reduce demand during peak hours. Offer a reward where they can receive a reduced demand charge if they participate. State the times of day and time of year when demand is most high on your site.

Let them know that if they can reduce energy use when demand is high, this can decrease future electricity costs. This will decrease the need to have to build new generation facilities saving money for you and your members. This has a good impact on the environment as well by reducing greenhouse emissions.

Weatherization Program

Low-income families who are eligible can participate in a Weatherization Program. This program helps to make their home more energy-efficient and reduce their bills.

Let them know the eligibility requirements and how to apply. Add any relevant contact information for them to call if they have more questions. Add in a step-by-step list on your site so they understand the process.

Renewable Energy Sources

You may offer different renewable energy sources to your members. This may be net metering, rooftop or community solar, or distributed generation. Let your members know that you are there to assist them in making decisions on any of these renewable sources. Work with them on making sure they know how to install these systems safely. Put any relevant information or links about the risks and benefits on your site. Include an FAQ page with commonly asked questions. Having all the important information they need on your site will help them to make the right decision for their needs.


Offer free home energy evaluations or audits. This will help your members figure out how much energy their home uses and where they are losing energy. Give them advice on how they can save energy and therefore, money. Providing recommendations on different energy-saving measures educates your members on what they can do to make their homes more energy-efficient. Online energy evaluations are a great option as well if members would rather do an audit over the computer instead.

Conservation Savings

Members are more and more interested in renewable energy and reducing their energy bills. Make sure to advertise any programs your company has on your site. Promoting your energy efficiency programs on your site will make you recognizably powerful.

For help with your Energy Efficiency Program, contact our friends at Efficiency Services Group (ESG).