Display Your Requests for Proposals with Style Using Our Bids App

If your electric cooperative, broadband or telco utility seeks the services or products of contractors or other establishments, you will benefit from the use of our Bids web app. Our Bids app is just one in a signature collection of our Powerful Web Apps that are tailored for community-owned utilities. The Bids app makes it easy to post requests for proposals (RFPs) on your site, in an engaging and remarkably effective way.

Benefits of Our Bids Web App

One of the benefits to using our app is that anyone can use it, even employees who aren’t trained in using them. There are pre-set fields that make it easy to update. You can fill out as many fields as needed. And if certain fields are left blank, the layout will adjust automatically to still look and flow well on the page.

Using our Bids app means that there will be a consistent format and layout from one bid to the next. Consistency and familiarity create trust between site visitors and your utility organization. It also helps with accessibility. A consistent layout means less confusion for people who use screen readers since the format will be the same across all your bids.

About half of all people use their phone while on the web. It’s important to make sure all the pages on your site are responsive for mobile devices. The content within our app is automatically formatted in a way that focuses on a mobile first and responsive approach to the layout of each bid posted, so you don’t have to worry.

Pre-Set Fields

Some of the pre-set fields on our Bids app are:

  • Start and end date/time
  • Status of bid
  • Description
  • Qualifications
  • Special requirements
  • Bid ID number
  • Pre-bid meeting information
  • Submittal information
  • Contact information
  • Related documents/links
  • Addendum
  • Recipients and award

By using these pre-set fields, it makes it easy for a contractor or partner to scan for the relevant information. Instead of all the content being in one long paragraph, the fields are designed in a way to be broken out with headings and icons. This will guide the site visitor’s eye to direct them to what they should look at as they scan the page. Items such as the status of the bid and pre-bid meeting info will be right at the top for site visitors to see. This is the magic behind the curtain to help contractors and others you are hoping will respond to your bid process information in a more intuitive way.

By using a web app with a content-designed layout, site visitors are more likely to engage with your site and the posts. They don’t have to read through mountains of words to search out the relevant info. They will know right away if they are interested or qualified for the RFP. More engagement means these potential vendors and contractors are more likely to come back to your site in the future.

Additional Features

  • Create categories — This allows your site visitors to easily search for RFPs based on the specific category.
  • Display the RFP as open, pending, or closed — You can select for the bid to automatically set to close after the deadline passes.
  • Link to facility and directions for the pre-bid meeting — A site visitor needs only to click on the link, and they will be taken right to the directions.
  • No current bids to display — Our app will automatically display a “There are no bid openings at this time” message on the page when there are no bids. This means never having a blank page for your site visitors to see.

These additional features allow for even greater ease of use, for both your employees and site visitors.

Keeps Your Website Unique

Using our Bids app gives your website different elements that set it apart from other pages within your site and other public power or utility organizations. Your bids posts will be consistent in layout and format. They are designed to make your content look its best.