Network & Power Uptime Service Level Agreement

Powerful aims to ensure network and uptime to be at or above 99.9% per year.

This guarantee assures that all major routing devices within our network are reachable from the global Internet 99.9% of the time.  Annual 99.9% uptime equates to up to 5.6 hours of unplanned downtime per year (an average of 43 minutes per month).

Network & Power Service Level Agreement Exclusions

Many possible situations are completely beyond the control of the Powerful web team, and therefore are not in the scope of this service level agreement. These situations include:

  • Domain Hosting Exceeds Allocations Included in Hosting Plan: If your website utilizes more resources than is allocated in your hosting plan including the allocated disk space, bandwidth or burstable bandwidth we will collaborate with you and your organization to allocate additional resources as a courtesy. If utilization continues to exhaust the allocated resources within your hosting plan more than three times during one calendar year, you will be required to upgrade your hosting service to the next available plan. Websites that utilize resources greater than those allocated within their hosting plan are not eligible for SLA credits.
  • Scheduled Network or Power System Maintenance: Occasionally network or power system maintenance will be required. The Powerful web team will do everything possible to minimize and avoid downtime during this maintenance. You will receive prior notification of upcoming maintenance at the email address listed as the project contact on your agreement. Scheduled maintenance periods are not eligible for SLA credits.
  • Hardware Maintenance: On rare occasions, the hardware that hosts your website may need maintenance or replacement. The Powerful web team will do everything possible to minimize any downtime in these situations per our service level agreement. Any downtime incurred as a result of this maintenance will not be counted towards our network SLA.
  • Software Maintenance: An important part of managing a website is keeping the software up to date. Occasional software updates will be required to address security or performance issues. Usually you will experience little or no downtime in these situations, but we cannot guarantee a specific amount of time in all situations.
  • Malicious Attacks: If a third party not associated with the Powerful platform initiates a “Denial of Service” or other form of disabling attack against our web server clusters or major portions of our network, the Powerful web team will do everything in its power to stop the attack, but cannot guarantee a resolution time.
  • Content Management System Software Updates: The content management system default install will be configured for automatic updates. On occasion, one of these automatic updates could adversely affect all or part of your website. If that is the case, we will reverse you back to the last known working version.
  • WordPress Core Files: Site owners that request ownership of core files that we have locked to protect the application will be converted non-updated accounts. Non-updated accounts also fall outside of our standard support. We will not be responsible for accounts that are not kept in our automated update process or sites that are opted out of best practice protections.

Network & Power Service Level Agreement Remedy

In the event that Powerful does not meet this service level agreement, Powerful web hosting clients will become eligible to request compensation for downtime.

Each hosted domain is limited to receive 1 day of credit for each 1 hour of downtime past the allotted annual downtime (credits may be requested on a monthly basis based on the prorated monthly uptime).

Credit time is always rounded to the next highest number. This means that if your Powerful website is unreachable for more than 1 minute past the 99.9% monthly up-time guarantee you can request a credit to your account.

Monthly service fee Number of days in the month = Daily service fee
Example: $40.00 per month / 30 days = $1.34 a day

Daily service fee x Number of hours down over allotted 43 minutes per month = Credit to account
Example: $1.34 x 3 hours = $4.02 credit

  • Powerful is not responsible for loss of any of your business during or from an outage.
  • All requests for compensation must be received within 5 business days of the incident in question.
  • The amount of compensation may not exceed the customer’s monthly recurring charge.
  • This service level agreement does not apply for any month that the customer has been in breach of Powerful Terms of Service or if the account is in default of payment.

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