Sam Coy

VP, Strategic Planning

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Project Proposals & Agreements


Years of Serving Clients with Technology


Years Working with Community-Owned Utilities


As the Vice President of Strategic Planning, Sam Coy holds the strategic compass guiding Powerful’s voyage in the world of web design. His 15-year career dedicated to crafting solutions tailored to client needs has equipped him with a deep understanding of our mission: to humanize web design through meticulous attention to detail and gratifying user experiences.

Sam is the fulcrum of Powerful’s business development and product strategy. He breathes life into the Powerful product suite, creating innovative strategies that are not just effective but also resonate with our ethos.

But Sam’s role doesn’t stop at strategy and business development. Behind the scenes, he is the linchpin managing agreement terms with our vendors and ensuring tax and regulatory compliance across the 13 states where our employees are based, thanks to our decentralized, remote-first methodology.

Before his journey with Powerful, Sam honed his strategic acumen in business development leadership roles at Farmers Insurance and Verizon Wireless. Today, he brings that wealth of expertise to Powerful, bridging the gap between strategy, technology, and human-centered design.

Sam Coy is not just our VP of Strategy; he’s the visionary architect behind Powerful’s success, continuously charting our course towards creating long-lasting partnerships in the digital realm.

Fun Fact

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Has Juggled a Soccer Ball Over His Head 1,000 Times in a Row
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Classic Car Admirer
Fun Fact Icon
Avid Fan of the Portland Trail Blazers
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Has 7 Brothers and Sisters