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March 24, 2023

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Charlie Stanley Web Solutions Architect
Caleigh Pickard Project Manager
Martha Stopa Design &. Layout
Leanna Thesken Content Integration
Katie Morman Content Visualization
Kenneth Kimbrell Web Hosting Setup
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Mehran Aziz Theme Web Development
Michael Confalone Launch & Technical Support
Deanna Frimann Resource Allocation
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Founded in 1937, Woodruff Electric Cooperative carries out its legacy by providing reliable, low cost electricity to its members. As technology has changed rapidly over the years, Woodruff Electric remains true to its historic cooperative roots. As a not-for-profit organization, Woodruff Electric is committed to serving its members with the latest technologies. With over 10,500 members across 7 counties and 4,900 miles of electrical distribution line, Woodruff Electric needed a website that exceeds the needs of its large service territory.

2 Websites in 1

As Woodruff Electric expanded their product offerings with fiber internet services, they needed a website that clearly distinguished their electric and internet services. To accomplish this distinction, Woodruff Electric’s new website utilizes Powerful’s department header package.

The department header gives Woodruff Electric the flexibility to have a site within a site. It allows the website’s domain to redirect to a special second homepage within the same website. The second homepage has its own skin with its own navigation menu, logo, color scheme and typography.

The department header package is also easy for Woodruff Electric’s website administrators to make edits on the backend. Although there are two websites, there is only one admin area. With one login to launch both brands, it is simple to manage both the electric and internet websites.



Woodruff Electric's recent expansion of internet services uncovered their need to promote these offerings online. Woodruff Electric needed a website that separated their electric from internet services while maintaining consistent branding.


In order to serve Woodruff Electric members with high-quality online services, their new website grants easy access to both of their electric and internet services. The department header allows website visitors to toggle between both services with a simple click of a button.


The electric and internet websites each have their own distinctive color scheme, typography, and navigation menu. Although they stand out from each other, they are also seamlessly connected through branding consistency. As a result, Woodruff Electric's members receive a positive online experience as they navigate between electric and internet services.

We are thrilled with our new sites that the Powerful Web Team created for us. We had a great experience working with each person on their team. Everyone throughout the process was very quick to respond, had so many great ideas and always met deadlines and timelines that we set out during the process. It came together very quick with everyone’s hard work and efforts to launch these new websites. The Powerful team did an excellent job migrating our current information on our existing site to the new one, but they enhanced every piece and did a great job giving everything a “fresh” look for our new site to make it easy to navigate and understand. We highly recommend the Powerful Web Team for any website project.

Anna Howton

Director of Marketing & Communications

My favorite feature of Woodruff Electric's new website is the visualized pages. I love how the content really comes to life with colors, icons, and typography. Not only does the content stand out, but it is also accessible. Everyone has the right to access the web, so making sure content meets accessibility standards is a big deal.

Michael Confalone

Content Strategist

I love Woodruff Electric's color scheme. Martha, our designer, was thinking creatively of an accent color to pair with their standard green- she chose a mint color. I never would've thought of the color mint to pair with the dark green, but it looks amazing! It brings a modern and relaxing feel to the site.

Caleigh Pickard

Project Manager

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