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February 28, 2022

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Charlie Stanley Web Solutions Architect
Anna Stopa Layout & Design
Kaytee Horton Project Manager
Martha Stopa Content Strategist
Nathaniel Robertson DNS & Website Launch
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Sarah Nelson Content Integration
Matt Wiggin
Matt Wiggin Quality Assurance
Sam Coy Resource Allocation


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Under the direction of Hoosier Energy, Why Electrify provides leading edge information on emerging technologies. The new website serves as an educational platform for electric vehicle technology, rural energy audit programs, emergent tech, smart energy programs, and more.

The website was desired to be interactive, fun, and welcoming. To achieve this look and feel, the visuals needed to be eye-catching and exciting, ultimately prioritizing the target consumer audience. The website’s objective sought to drive consumer behavior and influence them through valuable education and information.

Collaborative Innovation

This website needed to be done from scratch. With no existing site to repurpose, Powerful and Hoosier Energy team members put thought and intention into the process. The design and content strategy required thorough collaboration. Powerful and Hoosier Energy critically assessed the website architecture, layout design, web app priorities, and more.

Through discovery and strategy consults, all stakeholders offered valuable information from multiple sources. Along with Powerful’s expert knowledge of user experience and best practices, the collaborative process created a strong end product.

The website delivers a mix of efficiency resources for residential, agriculture and commercial co-op members and the co-op community at large. The website helps members:

Design features include:


As a brand-new website with no existing content to pull from, the project took collaboration and critical thinking to strategize the design, site architecture, and web apps needed. Without knowing the full extent of content from the beginning, the turnaround times took longer than usual.


The collaborative work fostered a process filled with positive feedback and valuable information. As a result, the website achieves an interactive, fun, and welcoming interface. In addition, the branding includes subtle nods to its parent brand, Hoosier Energy.


Why Electrify's progressive website serves as an educational platform. The visuals and content are both exciting and interesting. As a result, members gain valuable information on innovative technologies.

We are excited to launch such a dynamic, member-focused website. The Why Electrify website and its educational resources add to our member cooperatives’ reputation as trusted energy partners in their communities.

The website provides an opportunity for member-consumers to learn, interact and grow with their local electric cooperative as we move into the next frontier of energy.

Blake Kleaving

Manager, Member Solutions

Thank you to everyone on your team who has helped to create this great new website! You will come highly recommended for anyone who asks for my reference!

Raina Lewis

Energy Management Solutions Coordinator

The Hoosier Energy team honed in on a clear vision for the Why Electrify website with the intention of telling the story of rural electrification while simultaneously creating an online resource for the consumer-members of the distribution cooperatives they serve.

The sleek and progressive design with anchor scrolling, a forward-thinking video on the homepage and a custom illustration within the footer provided a unique yet recognizably powerful design that has gained attention from not only their intended audience but has also acted as a model of a site for their peers across the country.

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Charlie Stanley

Web Solutions Architect

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