South Central Arkansas Electric Cooperative

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December 30, 2022

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Charlie Stanley Web Solutions Architect
Caleigh Pickard Project Manager
Anna Stopa Design & Layout
Michael Confalone Content Strategy
Martha Stopa Content Integration
Kenneth Kimbrell DNS, Domain & Go-Live
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Mehran Aziz Web Developer
Leanna Thesken Training
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South Central Arkansas Electric Cooperative Website



South Central Electric Cooperative, Inc. (SCAEC) is a private, non-profit, member-owned electric cooperative.

SCAEC strives to uplift their mission to provide reliable services that improve the quality of life for the members they serve. To go above and beyond their mission, SCAEC reevaluated the quality of their online presence. SCAEC determined that a website redesign would enhance their services through high quality digital communication. The most important factors of the website redesign included accessibility compliance, easy navigation, and intuitive design.

Unity in Community

As the phrase, “We are South Central”, illuminates the homepage, SCAEC reinforces their dedication to the people of South-Central Arkansas. Together, the community can authentically connect through the accessible, functional, and modern website.

Optimized Website Navigation

For SCAEC, navigation was a key component in the website redesign process. A well-organized website allows site visitors to easily find the information they’re looking for. Given their extensive amount of internet and electric services, SCAEC needed a website that clearly distinguished the two services.

To differentiate SCAEC’s electric and internet services, Powerful developed a department header package. The department header includes two websites within one. With the simple click of a button, members can switch from one service to the other. The branding and theme are cohesive across both websites with subtle individualized touches for each service.

By prioritizing website navigation, SCAEC consequently improved the quality of life for the members they serve. As their members can easily access important information, SCAEC creates a memorable online experience.


Powerful and South-Central Arkansas Electric Cooperative (SCAEC) were challenged to create a fresh website within 4 weeks (12 weeks shorter than a usual timeline). With a tight deadline, Powerful and SCAEC strived to work quickly while maintaining a close attention to detail. Because of SCAEC’s expansive offerings of electric and internet services, Powerful needed to create a website that combined both services into one comprehensive and cohesive website.


In order to meet the quick turnaround time, Powerful and SCAEC worked together to ensure all needs were met. The collaborative process was driven by consistent communication. To integrate two designs for SCAEC’s separate electric and internet services, Powerful created a department header. Now, website visitors can easily toggle between SCAEC’s electric and internet services with the simple click of a button.


Within an expedited timeline, Powerful exceeded expectations in a short period of time. The integration of a department header drastically improves SCAEC members' online experience. It also improves SCAEC employees' capabilities on the back-end. Although there are two websites, there is only one admin area. With one login and one interface to launch both brands, the department header minimizes any hassle.

The newly launched Springwater blueprint is the latest in our collection of promotional floor-plans. With strong use of color it lends itself well to clients who are looking for a bold look in showcasing their brand and messaging. With floating circles (or squares) for imagery shapes, it breaks the traditional full-width format for unique and eye catching page layout, while also adding multiple images into one area. The interior pages also feature a modern take on the side navigation menu: a full-width approach that contrasts the floating style of banner imagery for a great balance to the page layout.

Anna Stopa

Design & Layout

Arkansas South Central was a unique project that challenged and grew our team. With a rush to finish this timeline in four weeks, we were challenged not only to quickly get a new site up and running, but also design a new site the fit exactly what the client was looking for. We used a brand new blueprint, Springwater, for Arkansas South Central Electric Cooperative. Check it out-- we love it! This project was really fun project to be a part of and one that my team is very proud of.

Caleigh Pickard

Project Manager

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