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September 1, 2022

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Powerful and Sangre de Cristo Electric Association (SDCEA) partnered to create a website that serves as a primary source for all rate-related information. Before collaborating with Powerful, SDCEA faced several challenges. The cooperative’s rate-related information was fragmented across multiple platforms, making it difficult for members to access and understand crucial details. This lack of uniformity created confusion and hindered members’ ability to comprehend the proposed changes. Confusion was escalated by multiple comments from third parties that left out important details or lacked accuracy in their statements.

To address these challenges, Powerful embarked on a expedited website creation project, aimed at consolidating rate-related information, enhancing transparency, and facilitating effective communication with SDCEA’s members and the community they serve. The project encompassed various elements, including designing a visitor-friendly interface, explaining the rate structure, and showcasing system improvements to demonstrate the benefits to all members.

Transparency Builds Trust

Transparency plays a crucial role in building trust with SDCEA members. By providing clear explanations of the rate structure and the factors influencing rate changes, the website ensures that members have a clear understanding of how rates are determined. Detailed descriptions and interactive visuals help members see the breakdown of timelines, news updates and reports, promoting a sense of fairness.

This transparency builds trust, fosters stronger relationships, and enhances member engagement with SDCEA, ultimately enabling the cooperative to fulfill its mission of providing reliable electricity and services to its communities.


Before the website's creation, rate-redesign information was scattered across multiple platforms, making it challenging for SDCEA members to access comprehensive and up-to-date details. The lack of a centralized source hindered transparency and member engagement.


To justify rate changes, build trust, and avoid miscommunication, Powerful designed a visitor-friendly website that brings together all rate-related information in a centralized and easily accessible manner. The website features comprehensive explanations, clearly outlining how proposed rates may be calculated and allocated.


SDCEA's newly-designed website successfully consolidates all rate-related information in one easily accessible location. The website's clear communication about proposed rate changes and the rationale behind them fosters trust and understanding among members, with a goal of mitigating dissatisfaction and promoting a positive relationship between SDCEA and its community.

This website serves as a testament to SDCEA's commitment to fairness and accountability, providing members with a clear understanding of how rates are determined and ensuring that their financial contributions are utilized effectively. We are proud to have played a part in creating a platform that fosters transparency, enhances member experience, and reinforces SDCEA's mission of delivering reliable electricity and services to its communities.

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