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December 20, 2021

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Charlie Stanley Web Solutions Architect
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Sarah Nelson Project Manager
Kaytee Horton Content Strategist
Kateland Miltner Layout Design
Martha Stopa Content Migration
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Mehran Aziz Web Developer
Nathaniel Robertson Content Management Trainer
Lydia Burris Vector Illustration Artist
Michael Confalone Content Repurposing
Matt Wiggin
Matt Wiggin Quality Assurance


Easy to navigate and user intuitive designIncrease the use of online tools to reduce phone calls and emailsRelevant and up-to-date content
People's Electric Cooperative Website


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People’s Electric Cooperative (PEC) is a community-focused generation, transmission and distribution cooperative that delivers safe, reliable and affordable energy to over 20,000 members located in their 11 county service area in Oklahoma. Their workforce includes talented individuals who possess the required skills to develop new technologies and infrastructure, keep the electric grid secure, and power the lives and economy of their local communities. The People’s Electric Cooperative team partnered with Powerful to transform its website into an easy-to-use, stunning and accessible digital platform.

Improving User Experience and Increasing Engagement

The PEC website uses our most popular task-oriented blueprint, Sellwood, which puts the tasks members wish to complete front and center on the home page. These include:

  • NISC SmartHub integration, allowing members to make online bill payments or manage their accounts easily and quickly
  • Home page buttons that direct members to the most common PEC website tasks, such as managing electric service, viewing outages, and applying for jobs
  • Landing tiles on each global navigation parent page direct members to the most-requested tasks and information

Focusing on a Clean Design with Accessible Content

Drone footage of the PEC office and surrounding area were implemented into the home page hero banner, while a custom footer illustration captures the patriotism, civic pride, and warmth of not only the community but also the electric cooperative.

Additionally, PEC repurposed 70 PDF files into web content to help comply with our STAR Standard, ensuring content is searchable, translatable, accessible, and responsive.


Content was buried in PDF files that were not searchable, no compatibility with automatic translation services, non-compliance with accessibility standards and the need to pinch and zoom pages around documents that were initially created to be read on paper.


Repurposing content and forms to follow the Powerful STAR Standard helped ensure content became searchable, translatable, accessible and responsive. This approach widens the audience for the content that People's Electric Cooperative wanted to share with their members.


Twelve months since the launch of the new website, nearly 4,000 online form submissions were filled out – replacing the former process of a member manually downloading a PDF and filling it out and printing to mail or scan back to the organization.

Since their very first introduction and presentation, I have felt as though they understand our wants and needs, our territory, communities, and our member demographics better than we understand them ourselves.

The Powerful team understands our business, our members and our individual workloads. Their staff will listen to your needs and guide every step of the process from start to finish.

I’ve received no complaints on the finished product since our reveal, only raves. We’re also proud of the Award of Merit the site received in the Oklahoma Association of Electric Cooperative’s AMP Awards’ Best Digital Communication (Large Co-op) contest category.

Jennifer Boeck
Jennifer Boeck, CCC

Vice President, Corporate Communications & Community Relations


Best Digital Communication (Large), AMP (Achieving MarCom Power) Awards

Oklahoma Association of Electric Cooperatives
November 2022

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