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April 29, 2022

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Charlie Stanley Web Solutions Architect
Kaytee Horton Project Manager
Anna Stopa Design & Layout Strategist
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Mehran Aziz Lead Web Developer
Martha Stopa Content Integration
Kenneth Kimbrell DNS & Website Launch
Michael Confalone Technical Support
Deanna Frimann Resource Allocation


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Oklahoma Living began in 1948 for Oklahoma’s rural electric cooperatives. The publication appealed to their large farmer audience with content focused on agriculture, rural development, and affordable electricity. Through the ever-changing landscape and culture of Oklahoma, Oklahoma Living has evolved into an interactive, colorful and diverse publication.

Seven decades since its start, Oklahoma Living recently aimed to create a modern online platform that still evokes its rural American charm and cooperative roots. The goal of Oklahoma Living’s new website is to create a seamless transformation from a print to online publication.

Digital Transformation

From Oklahoma Living’s humble beginnings has come great success. These successes are accredited to Oklahoma Living’s ability to adapt to a rapidly changing, technology-driven environment. With an increase in online readership in the magazine industry, Oklahoma Living strived to create interactive content and online marketing opportunities to reach a wider audience.

Innovation That Excites

The custom blueprint gave Powerful’s team of trusted web experts the creative freedom to develop unique solutions. Various features deliver high-quality online content that is both interactive and entertaining. Oklahoma Living and Powerful’s innovative approach has established a strong online presence geared toward the future.


As the largest publication in Oklahoma with over 350,000 readers, Powerful Web was challenged to create an interface that is both accessible and appealing to a large audience. Powerful and Oklahoma Living’s teams collaborated extensively to meet the audience’s diverse set of needs.


Oklahoma Living’s new online presence offers a compelling experience for site visitors. The online publication features interactive articles on recipes, gardening, health, local stores, and more. Although Oklahoma Living began with paper copies and grew readership through tangible words and pages, the website reaches new and diverse audiences by meeting the needs of traditional readers as well as online readers.


Oklahoma Living's publication seamlessly transforms from paper to digital. The new website provides an interactive experience to readers. Accessibility features allow readers to zoom in, change the font size, and easily share articles across various networking platforms.

We thoroughly enjoyed working with Powerful, and we felt our input was taken into consideration every step of the way. We also thank each team member who coded behind the scenes and contributed to the project’s success. As I previously mentioned, Powerful has given us a site we can proud of and we feel will be a trendsetter among statewide magazines. The team honored incorporating our print redesign into the web redesign, and that marriage was done perfectly. We are confident our new site is accessible and enjoyable by all.

We are continuously facing the question of how to have an effective, inclusive strategy that incorporates both print and digital. With our new site, we feel confident we are taking steps in the right direction. We enjoy our partnership greatly, and we look forward to continue innovating together in the future!"

Hayley Leatherwood

Managing Editor

We are extremely pleased with the ease of updating our web content, it’s leaps and bounds of an improvement from where we were! This was the first full run of an Okie Snaps contest from beginning to end and it was nice to just be able to populate everything with a couple of clicks! Thanks again to your team for their work in helping us bring our vision to life.

Lance Shaw

Multimedia Specialist


Best Digital Communication

Statewide Editors Association Willie Wiredhand Awards

Oklahoma Living is a superb example of a cooperative website. The site includes wide ranging content support and specialized layouts. It includes built in accessibility features, non login based cooperative selection and highly specialized calendar layouts. The site is also highly performant and mobile optimized.

The Oklahoma Living site seems like a direct natural extension of the publication on which it’s based. It also doesn’t seem to merely be the on line version of that publication but a true home for that content outside and independent of the publication.

The design and art direction behind Oklahoma Living is outstanding. Every page and feature seems considered and measured for value. The content is clearly denoted for easy navigation, sections are separated by breaks and design elements, typography and photography are used to great effect throughout to promote the brand with a singular focus. The Design integration is very powerful in creating a unified platform that’s welcoming and easy for users to pass from online to physical publication without problems. The site is heavily mobile optimized as well.

Oklahoma Living could be used as a study on how to effectively take a printed publication and online presence and match them so that each compliments the other. It’s not fully flawless but its pretty close.

This Oklahoma Living site has a flavor all it’s own. It looks and feels like a bespoke site created from the ground up to reflect Oklahoma Living to it’s core. Every decision made be it design, functionality, or function seems to come from a single unified source, and as such the site is focused and well thought out.

The most rewarding part of this process was seeing the various custom solutions come to life on the website after months of collaborating and strategizing. It pushed our team to think outside of the box and we are proud of the elegant results we achieved!

Anna Stopa

Lead Designer

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