Kitsap Public Utility District

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December 15, 2022

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Charlie StanleyWeb Solutions Architect
Caleigh PickardProject Manager
Martha StopaLayout & Design
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Lydia BurrisVector Illustration
Michael ConfaloneContent Strategy
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Katie MormanContent Visualization
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Mehran AzizWeb Developer
Nathaniel RobertsonWeb Hosting Setup
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Kenneth KimbrellWebsite Launch & DNS
Leanna TheskenTraining
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Deanna FrimannResource Allocation


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Kitsap PUD Website



Kitsap Public Utility District (KPUD) is a municipal corporation in Kitsap County, Washington. KPUD strives to provide technical, managerial, financial, operational and support services to assure the provision of a sound water resource development and a reliable utility service.

After assessing all aspects of KPUD’s operations, it was evident that KPUD’s online services did not match the high quality of their in-person services. KPUD turned to Powerful to create a web presence and brand that communicated their spirit and mission.

The website redesign aimed to uplift KPUD’s mission of strengthening Kitsap communities through responsive and sustainable utility services. To improve online services, the new website intended to provide a welcoming, trustworthy, and professional interface.

Uplifting Core Values

Both KPUD and Powerful share the same core value of integrity. To uplift this value, KPUD and Powerful team members put integrity at the forefront of the website redesign project. KPUD prioritized an honest, transparent means of online communication for the community they serve. With integrity at the foundation of KPUD’s website, their customers are able to access important documents, alerts, and updates.

Highlighting Community

To feature the unique community that KPUD serves, the new website features an illustrated footer. The illustration creatively reflects the specialness of Kitsap County. Website visitors feel right at home as the illustrated footer offers a subliminal connection to their community.


The redesign process challenged Powerful to carry the values and vision of KPUD. Thorough research and collaboration uncovered key findings of KPUD’s current site issues. These issues included an outdated design, inaccessible content, and a disorganized site structure.


The new website represents who KPUD is and the community they serve. Powerful vastly improved the overall site architecture; making the site easier to navigate, more manageable on the back end, and more engaging for website visitors. The accessible, responsive, and visually pleasing website exceeded KPUD’s goals by highlighting the tone and messaging they wanted to convey.


As a result of thoughtful and creative collaboration, the new website rings true to KPUD's exemplary services. KPUD gains trust throughout its community through a professional and reliable online platform.

Powerful Web isn’t you’re average website developer and consultant. Their multifaceted holistic approach to website development and design genuinely invited KPUD to become a part of the development process.

Through our rebuild, it was clear that they were there for our utility – our customers, our staff, our vendors.

They overdelivered on each commitment they made, and along the way, recognized potential glitches in process that could be improved. Not only did this teamwork result in an amazing website; it has built a reciprocal and synergetic relationship between KPUD and Powerful Web that we anticipate being long-lasting.

Kimberly Funk
Kimberly Funk

Communications / Government Relations Director

By collaborating with Kitsap PUD’s team, we were able to strategize ways to elevate the site visitor experience. Together, we reimagined how content is displayed to create a humanized, easy-to-navigate site that is accessible to everyone.

Michael Confalone

Content Strategist

The more Kitsap PUD’s team engaged with the Powerful team with thorough communication, the more the Powerful team was able to get creative while growing our own skill sets. It was a win for Kitsap PUD and a win for Powerful!

Caleigh Pickard

Project Manager

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