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April 7, 2023

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Charlie Stanley Web Solutions Architect
Caleigh Pickard Project Manager
Martha Stopa Design & Layout
Michael Confalone Content Strategy
Joanna Velasquez Content Integration
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Mehran Aziz Web Developer
Leanna Thesken Training
Kenneth Kimbrell DNS & Launch
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Katie Morman Content Visualization
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Joe Wheeler Electric Membership Corporation (EMC) has been powering Morgan and Laurence Counties for more than 86 years. Built on a firm foundation of integrity, respect, cooperation, openness, accountability and pride, Joe Wheeler EMC strives to enhance the lives of their members. Known as one of Alabama’s most efficient and progressive Cooperatives, Joe Wheeler EMC provides high-quality online services through a Powerful website.

Neighbors Serving Neighbors

Joe Wheeler EMC’s prioritizes their vision: “Neighbors serving neighbors committed to improving the quality of life through the services we deliver.” To create a more welcoming experience for members and help build stronger connections between the organization and its community, the website features a custom footer illustration. This illustration reflects Joe Wheeler EMC’s unique features, such as the natural environment, landmarks, and culture. Overall, the illustrated footer helps create a sense of place and identity for Joe Wheeler EMC.

Optimized Website Layout

Joe Wheeler EMC and Powerful strived to create a focused and effective website strategy. After defining the scope and purpose of the new website, Powerful’s team of trusted web experts discovered that the Springwater Blueprint had the power to promote Joe Wheeler EMC’s services effectively while achieving its business objectives.

The Springwater Blueprint promotes Joe Wheeler EMC’s key services through a functional, organized, and intuitive structure. A website that is easy to use, navigate, and understand, makes it more likely for website visitors to engage with the services being promoted. Powerful customized the Springwater Blueprint to establish and reinforce Joe Wheeler EMC’s brand identity. The clear theme, typography, and color palette help create a memorable experience for website visitors, leaving a lasting impression on the specific services promoted.


As Joe Wheeler EMC expanded its services to both electric and internet, their organization needed a website that clearly differentiated both services with intuitive design. While approaching this website redesign, Powerful and Joe Wheeler EMC were challenged to identify clear objectives for the redesign.


Joe Wheeler EMC utilizes Powerful's Department Header package. Separate Electric and Internet tabs are easily recognizable and intuitive for members, so that they can quickly find the information they need. In addition to clear labeling, the department header also uses different colors and design elements to help visually distinguish between different service categories.


Joe Wheeler EMC's newly-designed website engages with members through visualized pages. Visuals help break down complex concepts into more digestible formats. By illustrating concepts or processes, people are more likely to remember information that is presented visually rather than in text form. As a result of effective and engaging content, the website resonates more with members, creating a positive online experience.

The Springwater Blueprint works perfectly for Joe Wheeler EMC. This promotional blueprint is modern and forward-thinking. The Flash Fiber and Electric sites both benefit from the promotion-based layout. In addition, the overall process with Joe Wheeler EMC was fantastic! Their team was prompt in getting deliverables items back to us, and worked with our team well in communicating their visions for these sites! I'm proud of what our team has created for them.

Caleigh Pickard

Project Manager

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