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July 30, 2021

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Charlie StanleyWeb Solutions Architect
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Sarah NelsonProject Manager
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Kateland MiltnerDesign & Layout
Kaytee HortonContent Strategist
Martha StopaContent Integration
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Mehran AzizWeb Developer
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Lydia BurrisVector Illustration
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Matt WigginQuality Assurance
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Sam CoyResource Allocation
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Joanna VelasquezContent Repurposing
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Hood River Electric & Internet Co-op strives to provide affordable, reliable services to members using sound business practices and following the cooperative principles. The objective of their website redesign intended to inspire members to engage with Hood River’s services and take pride in their community.

Based off of the original website, it was apparent that it was time for a refresh. In order to build trust with members, the website redesign needed to provide meaningful information in a logical sense.

Prioritize Purpose

Members visit Hood River Electric & Internet Co-op’s website with common goals to pay a bill, learn about various services, or get contact information. The new website strategically organizes information to help website visitors achieve their goals and meet their needs. Visualized pages feature the most important content in a unique way. Eye-catching graphics leave a lasting impression with higher engagement rates.

With a thorough understanding of Hood River’s audience, the website prioritizes relevant information. The logical website structure ensures website visitors can now access information and accomplish their goals within 1-2 clicks. The well-organized website reflects Hood River Electric & Internet Co-op’s commitment to its members.


With both electric service and internet service, Powerful was challenged to integrate a large amount of information into an organized structure.


The newly designed website thoughtfully organizes all of Hood River’s services into a user-friendly structure. The easy-to-use website reaffirms Hood River’s commitment to it members by providing a reliable and useful online communication platform.


Hood River Electric and Internet Co-op’s new-and-improved website features a clear layout and structure. The navigation delivers logical paths to site visitors looking for information about member services, outage alerts, community news, and more. Community members are met with reliable information that speak to Hood River Electric and Internet Co-op’s capabilities.

You can’t go wrong with the Powerful team! They are fantastic to work with and so good at what they do. Our site redevelopment was completed on schedule and within budget and the end result is better than we could have hoped for. They are responsive to our needs and can work with staff from all parts of our organization to ensure we get done what we need to get done. Their project management and design teams are fantastic, and their support is responsive and friendly to work with. We trained several of our staff on the use of the site, and it’s easy for us to pop in and make adjustments as needed.  I honestly wouldn’t want to work with anyone else.  

Libby Calnon

General Manager


1st Place in Excellence in Communication Awards

Northwest Public Power Association

2nd Place in Excellence in Communication Awards

Northwest Public Power Association

The Hood River team came to us with a clearly defined vision of brining to life a website that makes it easy for their member-owners to navigate to the tasks that matter most to them quickly and easily, while simultaneously merging their broadband internet subsidiary into their main cooperative organization.

This came with a rebranding effort and a slight name change. Working subtle nods of their heritage and classic “pear and apple” logo into the watermark of the footer added a local feel that complimented their beautifully crafted footer illustration and their new design.

Intentional efforts were made to tear down walls of words and reimagine content on interior popular interior pages created a warm and engaging experience for their site visitors.

Charlie Stanley

Web Solutions Architect

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