Stronger Together by Homer Electric Association

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March 13, 2023

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Homer Electric Association and Seward Electric System strive to improve their community’s quality of life with exemplary services. As local power providers, both organizations focus on strengthening their relationship with the people they serve. To communicate themselves as a trusted community partner, their website needed to achieve a brand that makes their employees and customers proud,

Key Resource

The Stronger Together website serves as a centralized location for Homer Electric Association and Seward Electric System’s merger.

The newly designed website makes important information easily accessible. The Scrolling Story Blueprint allows for website visitors to engage with all of the content, including a timeline, news section, and events calendar. The timeline features all of the milestones and dates of each piece of the merger. The news section provides links to third party news resources. The events calendar invites the public to engage in various community initiatives. Each section of the website provides website visitors with sufficient knowledge and intel of the merger. As a result of effective communications, customers will thus gain trust.

Unified Design

Homer Electric Association and Seward Electric System are stronger together indeed. The website emulates their merger’s slogan, “Stronger Together”, with a unified theme and branding. The new website gives the public a sneak peek into the successes to come.


This project evolved from a simple page within Homer Electric's existing website to a full custom website, independent of the primary website for Homer Electric. With a fast turnaround time in under 7 days, time restrictions prevented the ability to formally accomplish steps like a discovery and strategy session.


To design and launch the website within 7 days, Powerful improvised to meet the expedited deadline. The project's sudden change of direction required Powerful's team to make snap decisions. With extensive knowledge of web design, Powerful was able to utilize its best practices.


The dual branded site for Homer Electric Association and Seward Electric System brings to life the beginnings of a unified brand. As the 2 organizations become closer to merging operations, the website serves a useful single source of information.

With Homer Electric Association's planned acquisition of the City of Seward's Electric System, there was a need for a central location to share information including a timeline, events and other pertinent information that would act as a source of truth for both organizations during the acquisition process. Our team worked to organize this information in a streamlined manner that makes it easy to engage with and follow the steps as these organizations become "Stronger Together".

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Charlie Stanley

Web Solutions Architect

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