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March 2, 2023

Trusted Web Experts

Charlie Stanley Web Solutions Architect
Caleigh Pickard Project Manager
Martha Stopa Design & Layout
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Mehran Aziz Web Development
Michael Confalone Content Strategy
Kenneth Kimbrell DNS, Domain & Go-Live
Joanna Velasquez Content Integration
Leanna Thesken Training
Deanna Frimann Resource Allocation


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Founded in 1905, Highland Telephone Cooperative (HTC) has grown into a highly successful communications company. HTC prioritizes their members in all that they do. To improve their online services, HTC partnered with Powerful to design a website made with their members in mind. The website redesign aimed to create a humanized web experience for all.

Abundant History

While the telecom industry has evolved and changed over the past century, HTC has remained an integral part of their community. Throughout their 118-year history, HTC has provided high-quality telecommunication services to the people of Highland County. Their progressive initiatives have accelerated the successes of their services within the community.

Today, HTC’s new website rings true to their humble roots. The website’s modern technologies embrace the future while celebrating the past.

Built with Integrity

HTC strives to “deliver telecommunications services and interact with members, vendors, and the community with honesty, integrity, and respect.” HTC’s online communication efforts truly reflect their values. Both HTC and Powerful share the same value of integrity. Powerful and HTC’s teams worked together to build a website in alignment with their shared values. With integrity at the foundation of HTC’s website, their members gain trust in HTC.


With HTC's rich history, Powerful's team of trusted web experts were challenged to design a website that honors the past while embracing technologies of the future. HTC aimed to make their services easily accessible online.


To highlight the unique qualities of Highland County, an illustrated footer serves as a reminder of HTC's historic roots. With subtle nods to the community HTC serves, this personal touch makes website visitors feel right at home.


Powerful and HTC's collaboration resulted in a functional, engaging website that offers a humanized web experience. By prioritizing HTC members' needs, the website allows visitors to easily access important information.

Thank you all so much for delivering the website that HTC has dreamed about for several years. The pages and overall landscape makes for easy navigation for our members and the 4 seasons footer illustration reflects or service area to the T!!

Thanks again to the Powerful team for an outstanding job. We have truly enjoyed working along side your professional team during construction and look forward to a successful future together.

Chad Kimble

General Manger

Highland Telephone Cooperative's team showed great enthusiasm throughout their website redesign process. While learning the backend of the website, the HTC team was excited to utilize their website's capabilities to its fullest potential. Their passion for serving their community was evident!

Leanna Thesken


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