Four County Electric Membership Corporation

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November 10, 2022

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Charlie Stanley Web Solutions Architect
Caleigh Pickard Project Manager
Martha Stopa Design & Layout
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Mehran Aziz Web Development
Kenneth Kimbrell DNS & Launch
Kaytee Horton Content Strategy
Michael Confalone Content Integration
Katie Morman Content Visualization
Lydia Burris Illustrated Footer
Leanna Thesken Training
Deanna Frimann Resource Allocation
Four County EMC Website


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Four County Electric Membership Corporation (EMC) was established in 1937 with the goal to bring electricity to the rural area. Fast forward 86 years later, Four County EMC now provides reliable electric service to over 33,400 members which include residences, farms, businesses, industries, churches and schools. In order to best serve Four County EMC’s members, their website needed to be updated to make important service information accessible, including billing information, outage alerts, and service requests.To keep up with evolving technologies and design trends, Four County EMC partnered with Powerful.

Hometown Values

As a cooperative, Four County EMC strives to be an advocate for its members. To fulfill this vision, employees work to exceed members’ expectations, achieve excellence, operate efficiently, utilize well-trained employees, and maintain hometown values. Rooted at the bottom of Four County EMC’s website, lives their illustrated footer. More than generic stock images, the illustrated footer sets Four County EMC’s website apart from other standard websites that rely on stock photography.

Four County EMC’s illustrated footer reflects their service territory’s unique character, thus creating a strong sense of identity and pride among residents. It also evokes a sense of warmth and friendliness that can be difficult to achieve with text or photographs alone. As a result of this custom illustration, Four County EMC establishes a personal connection with their website visitors, making them feel like they are part of the community. This is especially important for rural areas where community is a central part of daily life.


Four County EMC's previous website had an outdated design that did not align with current trends and best practices, leading to a lack of member engagement. Since Four County EMC's website serves as a primary channel for members to access critical information and services, the design needed a refresh.


Powerful redesigned the website with a modern, clean design that aligns with Four County EMC's branding and visual identity, ultimately increasing user engagement and improving brand perception.


Four County EMC's new website focuses on member's top tasks. Members can easily access and execute their desired actions. The well-designed, functional website drives more conversions such as signing up for services, making payments, and reporting outages.

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