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May 17, 2023

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Charlie Stanley Web Solutions Architect
Caleigh Pickard Project Manager
Michael Confalone Content Strategy
Martha Stopa Design & Layout
Joanna Velasquez Content Integration
Lydia Burris Vector Illustration
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Mehran Aziz Web Developer
Katie Morman Content Visualization
Kenneth Kimbrell DNS & Site Launch
Leanna Thesken Case Study & Marketing
Deanna Frimann Resource Allocation


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Coosa Valley Electric Cooperative (CVEC) is a not-for-profit, member-owned rural electric distribution utility. Beyond electricity, CVEC’s subsidiaries include Coosa Valley Propane and Coosa Valley Technologies. CVEC strives to uplift their motto of “providing reliable consumer service.” This motto is carried out through CVEC’s business values of integrity, innovation, accountability, community service, and fairness. In partnering with Powerful, CVEC and Powerful leveraged their values to create a website built on the foundation of integrity and innovation.

Intuitive Navigation

CVEC and Powerful set out to achieve their goal of creating a unified, visitor-friendly website that seamlessly combines CVEC’s diverse offerings of electricity, technology, and propane. Extensive research and collaboration guided Powerful’s understanding of CVEC member needs and informed the design decisions.  Powerful’s team of trusted web experts determined that the use of the Department Header Package would successfully unify the 3 service areas under 1 organization. The department headers were prominently placed at the top of the website to establish a clear visual hierarchy. The 3 tabs serve as focal points to guide members through the various services.

Cohesiveness Brings Confidence

Now, CVEC members can effortlessly navigate essential information within the electric, technology, or propane domains. A cohesive design was implemented to maintain CVEC’s brand elements while differentiating each department. To strike a balance between consistency and distinctiveness, Powerful maintained a consistent website layout and structure across all 3 departments. Similar navigation menus and page structures offer a familiar experience throughout the website, while department-specific content and branding elements differentiate each service. The cohesive design instills confidence within members as they can easily access information they need.


With 3 different types of services ranging from electric to technology to propane, CVEC was challenged to combine 3 separate sites into 1. A significant hurdle involved a careful analysis of all content in order to consolidate it. The process required a cohesive strategy to ensure that the entire site communicated a unified and coherent message to members.


To successfully combine 3 sites into 1, Powerful implemented an intuitive navigation system with department headers. Clear, descriptive labels help website visitors quickly locate information they need from the 3 different subsidiaries of CVEC. Although each entity offers its individual services, the utilization of department headers create consistency throughout the site.


As a result of consistent branding elements like color schemes, imagery and typography, CVEC creates a strong visual identity that reinforces their message and values. Powerful's Department Header Package provides clear categorization between Electricity, Technology, and Propane services, allowing members to quickly access information from each specific department. By streamlining navigation and reducing search time, CVEC enhances the member-experience with a well-organized site that communicates their diverse offerings.

Gauging how effective a particular medium is at disseminating information can be difficult, even in today's vast world of analytics. One thing is for sure, though, in my mind: you MUST have a great website. If your gateway to the world is hampered by an antiquated look and inefficiency, your marketing efforts WILL be limited.

That is why I am ecstatic to have a brand new website courtesy of Powerful's team. They helped us meld three different back ends and platforms into one while creating a sleek, easy-to-use website that will benefit Coosa Valley Electric Cooperative and subsidiary consumers for years to come. Charlie's team is utterly amazing — all brilliant and responsive. Their processes are easy to navigate and the end result is ... well, see for yourself.

I'd like to thank Caleigh Pickard for her diligence in answering a ton of calls, texts and emails in the past few months. She made creating this website fun!

Jeremy Wise

Manager, Marketing & Member Services

Combining 3 sites into 1 with department headers allows for a seamless experience both on the front-end and back-end. It will be easier to manage internally, while providing users a way to toggle back and forth between them easily. Each department header has their own unique branding expressed through colors and fonts while still providing a cohesive look between all three. The client was great to work with throughout the whole process!

Martha Stopa

Design & Layout

I am thrilled to share my experience as the project manager for Coosa Valley Electric's Cooperatives website design. The task involved integrating 3 distinct sites, electric, propane, and tech, into 1 cohesive platform using department headers. This brilliant approach allows site visitors to effortlessly navigate between different content sections while maintaining a distinct identity for each site. I must say, the client was an absolute pleasure to work with. Their passion for their cooperative, promptness in providing feedback, and constant responsiveness made the entire journey incredibly rewarding. Coosa Valley Electric should be immensely proud of their new website, as it successfully combines functionality and user-friendliness, thanks to their collaborative and dedicated approach.

Caleigh Pickard

Project Manager

When CVEC teamed up with us at Powerful, they had three separate websites. We took all three, rolled them into one, and gave them a single backend to manage everything. It wasn't just about smooshing things together – we made sure every piece of content found its perfect place, and got a little facelift along the way. The end result? One sleek, easy-to-navigate website that's as practical as it is good-looking. And all this, thanks to a blend of smart strategy, intentional design work, and some seriously organized content reshuffling.

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Charlie Stanley

Web Solution Architect

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