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November 10, 2020

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Charlie Stanley Web Solutions Architect
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Sarah Nelson Project Manager
Kaytee Horton Content Strategy
Martha Stopa Content Integration & Forms
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Mehran Aziz Web Developer
Nathaniel Robertson CMS Training & Launch
Kateland Miltner Design & Layout
Matt Wiggin
Matt Wiggin Quality Assurance
Michael Confalone Content Repurposing
Brian Aloisi Resource Allocation


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Clearwater Power Website



Clearwater Power is a member-owned rural electric cooperative that serves 11 counties throughout Idaho, Washington, and Oregon.

Clearwater Propane is a full-service propane provider that is a wholly owned subsidiary of Clearwater Power Company.

Both Clearwater Power and Clearwater Propane work hard to ensure high quality services within the community. With a large emphasis on community involvement, Clearwater Power supports many local non-profit services like Safe & Sober Graduation Events, Nonprofit Medical Care Groups, Youth Vocational Programs and more. To accentuate Clearwater’s critical role within the community, their new website needed to provide a clean, modern, and easy-to-use website for all members.


Clearwater Power and Clearwater Propane achieve a functional, professional, and modern design with the help of the Powerful Subsite feature. This feature grants easy access between the two Clearwater entities. Located above the global navigation, the 2 tabs labeled “Power” and “Propane” allow website visitors to simply toggle between both organizations with one unified design and layout.

Intuitive Design

This intuitively designed website creates memorable online experiences. Website visitors can effortlessly access information and complete tasks across 2 different websites.


Clearwater Power sought to create a cohesive website that also features Clearwater Propane. Powerful was challenged to refine Clearwater’s branding in order to create a seamless online experience between the two websites.


Powerful improved the overall site structure and navigation to enable easier browsing and a frictionless experience between Clearwater Power and Clearwater Propane. The website features a department header, making it user-friendly.


The consistent layout between Clearwater Power and Clearwater Propane creates a clear, but subtle separation between the the parent organization and subsidiary, ultimately contributing to a successful site visitor experience. Members can now can quickly and easily navigate key content. The updated website is a testament to Clearwater’s highly valued services.

I couldn't be happier. Great staff, great product. I believe in a "follow-a-winner" model for projects like this.

Full Testimonial
Jeff Marshall

Director of Member Relations

Jeff Marshall and the Clearwater Power team were intentional in every step of the website's build and design. The biggest noticeable impact was their desire to streamline processes for their members, thus reducing the need for in-person visits to their offices during the COVID-19 pandemic. This was accomplished through the implementation of online forms, replacing PDF flat files that once required applications to be mailed in or dropped off at their office. Jeff spearheaded an effort, working with team members across both Clearwater Power and Clearwater Propane to adjust internal processes, accommodating the changes that have enhanced the member experience while simultaneously streamlining internal operations.

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Charlie Stanley

Solutions Architect

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