Arkansas Statewide 2030 Strategic Plan

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January 27, 2022

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Arkansas Electric Cooperative Corporation (AECC) supports the success of its 17 Member-Owners through reliable, affordable, and responsible services. To exceed its vision of being the best G&T and Statewide Cooperative in the United States, AECC created a detailed report with tangible steps and focus areas. The 8 strategic focus areas includes generation, transmission, rate structure/levels, communication, financial health, fiber/broadband, government affairs, and enterprise optimization.

The website needed to reinforce AECC’s core values: members, family, integrity, safety, employees, financial responsibility, and the seven cooperative principles. To achieve this, the primary goals for this website included: having an interactive design, the ability to provide detailed information, and humanized touches such as photos and videos.

A Clear Vision

AECC’s Strategic Plan breaks down rather lengthy information into sizable, easy-to-digest sections. These sections are broken up by graphics and accompanied by videos. As a result, website visitors are more intrigued to engage with the information presented.

Looking Toward the Future

As the Strategic Plan focuses on innovative steps forward, the new website needed to reflect the same futuristic vision. To align the Strategic Plan content with its presentation style, the website evokes a modern and professional feel. The website design adapts to technological advancements of the future; further emphasizing AECC’s mission and vision toward the future.


While Arkansas Electric Cooperative Corporation has successfully created a Strategic Plan, Powerful's challenge was to explore different ways to effectively communicate its details with their employees, board members, and member cooperatives.


Powerful created to provide community members with meaningful information about Arkansas Electric Cooperative Corporation’s vision and path forward in achieving their goals by 2030. The easy-to-use website establishes trust and confidence in the community’s capabilities, increases awareness, and empowers employees to look toward the future.


The modern, professional, and informative website greatly increased conversion by improving employees, board members, and member cooepratives' understanding of the Strategic Plan. The website’s content engages with its audience through clear calls-to-action and videos. The effective design serves as an expansion of the AECC’s Strategic Plan, bringing its vision to life.

As an Arkansan myself, this site is very informative and easy to understand. Our team did a great job of taking the intimidating and difficult task of communicating lots of new information out to members in a simple and effective way.

Caleigh Pickard

Project Manager

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