Designing for a Greener Future: How Your Website Can Promote Clean Air

Let’s clear the air… Literally. May is Clean Air Month.

As utilities begin to prioritize sustainability and environmental stewardship, Powerful is here to help create websites that demonstrate organizations’ commitment to the environment.

Highlight Sustainability Initiatives

As more consumers prioritize sustainability, it is crucial for organizations to clearly communicate their environmental practices through their online presence. By featuring sustainability initiatives such as renewable energy programs, energy efficiency efforts, or long-term/short-term strategies, an organization can demonstrate their dedication to the environment.

A well-designed and informative section on an organization’s website can further enhance their reputation. Powerful’s Task-Oriented Blueprints serve as a valuable tool to emphasize various sustainability initiatives. Upon entering the home page, website visitors are greeted with large action buttons to interact with resources. By focusing on actionable tasks, the website encourages visitors to actively participate in going green.

Emerald People’s Utility District in Oregon prioritizes Energy Efficiency through Action Buttons on their home page.

A website can also showcase a utility organization’s progress in achieving environmental goals and provide timely updates on the impact of various initiatives. This transparency helps build trust among customers and demonstrates an organization’s commitment to continuous improvement.

Provide Educational Resources

Looking for inspiration on how to promote clean air through your organization’s website? Feature educational resources such as tips for reducing energy consumption or information about green energy programs. Access to educational resources empower website visitors with the knowledge and tools they need to make sustainable choices. By offering valuable resources, organizations can position themselves as a credible source.

To break down an overwhelming amount of resources, Powerful utilizes navigation tiles. These large tiles guide website visitors throughout an assortment of pages and information. As website visitors hover over each tile, the colors change, creating a sense of engagement between the website and its visitor.

Emerald People’s Utility District’s Energy Efficiency Page differentiates various resources through navigation tiles.

Encourage Energy Efficiency

Clean Air Month is an opportunity for organizations to engage with customers and promote sustainable practices. By featuring tips for reducing energy consumption or promoting energy-efficient appliances, your website can inspire customers to make positive changes in their daily lives.

Websites are an effective platform to facilitate community engagement. Incorporating social sharing features or blogs can foster a sense of community.

Old Dominion Electric Cooperative prioritized access to energy efficiency resources through their department header package for Energize Efficiently.

Sow the Seeds of Sustainability

Clean Air Month serves as an important reminder for everyone to play their role in protecting the environment. Your organization’s website is a powerful tool to raise awareness.

Want to inspire others to make greener choices? Powerful’s team of trusted web experts are here to help showcase your organization’s commitment to the environment through effective web design.