Celebrating Natural Gas Utility Workers’ Day

Union Rural Electric Cooperative's Safety Education page.

When you turn on a light, cook your food, or heat your water, do you consider how these simple luxuries remain reliable? Behind a community with a safe and dependable source of gas lies highly skilled workers. It is not a typical 9-to-5 job. It is around-the-clock work that takes drive and ambition. March 18th honors natural gas utility workers who ensure their communities have access to reliable, affordable, and safe energy.

This annual nationwide event intends to build public awareness about the hard work done by the employees of natural gas utilities. Today and every day, Powerful strives to recognize these industrious individuals through effective website platforms. Powerful knows and understands the value of natural gas utility workers. To uplift the hard work of these individuals, Powerful’s websites are built to ensure this vital work does not go unrecognized. Through efficient design, Powerful’s websites have the capability to educate communities on those who strive to keep their lights on.

Powerful’s collection of web apps offer a variety of ways to let natural gas utility workers shine.

Raise Awareness

Powerful’s humanized web approach recognizes the individuals that are essential in delivering safe natural gas. Utility workers can be spotlighted through engaging content like photos, videos, news articles, and more.

Union Rural Electric Cooperative’s website does an excellent job in showcasing their employees’ meaningful initiatives within the community. Their Community page calls attention to the differences their employees make.


Union Rural Electric Cooperative highlights their employees’ influential community program.

Highlight Opportunities

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Posting job openings internally can greatly enhance your organization’s recruitment strategy while providing career development opportunities. Inspire up and coming utility workers with the help of a Careers page.

Union Rural Electric Cooperative showcases their employment opportunities.

Show Gratitude

In honor of Natural Gas Utility Workers’ Day, Powerful encourages you to communicate your appreciation through an effective website. Your website has the power to leave lasting impressions that reflect the hard work of utility workers.