Top Web Design Trends Your Utility Should Follow in 2023

It’s obvious that websites change frequently. After all, the internet looks nothing like it used to 30 years ago. With nearly 2 billion websites on the internet today, it is important to adapt to new trends in order to prevail.

Here are 3 design trends that will help inform and inspire your utility website redesign.

Department Header Packages

As more electric cooperatives begin expanding their product offerings and launching broadband internet subsidiaries, there is a great need for websites that distinguish the two departments in a centralized location.

To provide more flexibility to co-op communicators, Powerful has developed a creative solution. Powerful’s department header packages allow a site within a site.

How does a department header work? This unique offering allows you to take a website domain and redirect it to a special second homepage within your website. It has its own skin with its own navigation menu, logo, color scheme and typography.


Although there are two websites, there is only one admin area. Yes, that’s right. One login, one interface to launch both brands. Minimize the hassle of managing 2 websites with the ease of a department header.

South Central Arkansas Electric Cooperative utilizes a department header package to differentiate their electric and internet service offerings.

Promotion-Based Blueprints

Promotion-based blueprints appeals to multiple industries. The design and layout prioritize an organization’s offerings. With an emphasis on promoting products or services, organizations clearly communicate with their audience and leverage their business.

As we see more clients that have multiple industries under one umbrella – such as an electric utility that also offers broadband services – the popularity of our promotional blueprints has increased. – Anna Stopa, Director of Product Interface

The Laurelhurst blueprint puts your promotional communications at the focal point of the each design.

Content Visualization

As a website accumulates more and more pages, words begin to pile up. The overwhelming amount of words create walls that in turn deter website visitors from engaging with content. Because of this, it is important to ensure the content is not only informative but engaging.

The Powerful web team visualizes content by breaking up large chunks of information into easily digestible pieces with graphics, bold headers, and more.  As a result of this thoughtful and intentional approach, engagement levels drastically increase.

The Why Electrify website by Hoosier Energy, showcases data visualization pages. This page illustrates the Cooperative Difference.

Incorporate Trends on Your Own Style

Powerful strives to utilize trends while staying true to each organization’s values and mission. As trends keep your website modern and up to date, make sure your own brand is at the foundation. Let the unique qualities and aspects of your organization shine.

Where Timeless Meets Trendy

Powerful’s team of trusted web experts are excited to adapt and innovate to new developments in 2023. While fads may come and go, Powerful follows design trends that last the test of time. Department header packages, promotion-based blueprints, and content visualization are just a few ways Powerful builds websites meant to last. These trends will give your organization a professional, relevant, and modern reputation.