5 Ways To Make Visitors Fall in Love With Your Website

Do you believe in love at first sight? Your website visitors definitely do!

Did you know that it takes only 0.05 seconds to form a first impression about a website? With these snap judgements, it is important to upkeep a website that makes a great first impression.

Wondering how your organization can make an irresistible website? Here are 5 ways to sweep your audience off their feet and make them fall head-over-heels with your website:

Be Responsive

Have you ever accessed a shrunken version of a desktop website on your phone? Can you recall the frustrations of having to pinch and zoom to see anything? To ensure an optimal experience, your website must be user-friendly across all types and sizes of devices. A responsive website offers a fluid and flexible layout that adjusts to any screen size. No website visitor should have to pinch and zoom to access content. All copy and design must be fully accessible across all screen sizes.

Eastex Telephone Cooperative seamlessly transforms from a desktop to mobile display. Website visitors can easily access information from the palm of their hands.

Keep it Simple

A website does not need to be extravagant or over-the-top to gain your audience’s interest. Simplicity is key. A website that feels cluttered, overwhelming, or confusing will not leave a positive impression on your website visitor. Instead, a website that has intuitive navigation, plain language, and a clean design creates a memorable online experience.

The Electric Cooperatives of Mississippi features a simple, yet effective design.

Be Thoughtful

It’s always the thought that counts. Excellent web design is more than just pleasing to the eye—it is intuitive. By identifying your website visitor’s needs, your website has the power to serve your audience effectively.

Consistency in colors, fonts, layout, and the overall design will represent your organization in a professional and meaningful way. Websites that have consistent designs and branding deliver a well-thought-out design.

Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative successfully conveys their branding through consistent colors, fonts, and layouts.

Add a Personal Touch

Help your organization stand out with a custom illustrated footer. Rooted at the bottom of your website, an illustrated footer creatively highlights the unique features of the community you serve. By providing local imagery, the illustration makes website visitors feel right at home as it offers a subliminal connection to their community. A footer illustration demonstrates civic pride as it is individually hand crafted for each organization.

Wiregrass Electric Cooperative evokes the spirit of their community through a customized illustrated footer.

Stay Connected

Whatever your love language may be, it’s all about communication. Do not bury your contact information within your website. Make it easy for your website visitors to contact you. An easy-to-access Contact Us page allows someone to find your organization’s address, phone number, email, business hours and more. Provide even easier access with your contact information in your footer too.

Four County Electric Membership Corporation connects with its members by making their contact information easily accessible.

Follow Your Heart

Your website is the heart of your organization’s online presence. It deserves some love. Powerful’s team of trusted web experts are here to create a website that will be love at first click.