Why Powerful is the Best Web Design Choice for Your Telco or Broadband Utility Website

The Powerful web team has years of experience in designing websites. With that collective experience and data from user testing, we’ve created custom blueprints, apps, pages, and more, that will give you the best website for your broadband or telco organization.

Blueprints Tailored to Showcase Your Features 

We have a variety of blueprints that can be used for your telco or broadband site. Great options are our 2 promotional blueprints, Laurelhurst and Springwater. They are designed to showcase and highlight your features and services right on your homepage.

Add in promotional sections for your TV offerings, digital phone, internet, or security service offerings. These featured sections are easy to manage and update so you can showcase different offerings whenever you’d like.

Apps for Ease of Use

Our Signature Web App Collection makes it easy for your team members to make updates with pre-set fields. All web apps are built with a mobile-first design approach, as well as designed with accessibility in mind.

Rate Plan App

Our Rate Plan Web App is great for showcasing your phone, internet, television or video, and bundle plans. The app features 2 different styles – bold and simple, you can pick which fits your website best or mix and match to differentiate between residential and business plans.

Use the feature label to highlight which plans are most popular, the best value, or the fastest speed. These will quicky grab your website visitor’s attention as you display custom prices and list all the features for each plan.

Utilize buttons to go to:

  • A detail view with more information
  • An external link
  • An internal link with a sign-up form

Channels App

Our channels app makes it easy to display your TV listings in a visually appealing table format. Add in the logo and channel number. Organize with categories or by zip code.

A webpage that is generated using the Channels Web App, previewing a listing of all channels with columns to show which rate plans includes which channels.

The channels app is integrated with our rate plan app so your customers or members can quickly scan which channels are included with each plan.

Visualization Pages

Guide your customers or members with bold images and call to actions in a visually attractive layout. These pages will capture your site visitor’s attention and lead to higher page engagement.

We offer content visualization pages to increase customer/member engagement with your content. Visit our Laurelhurst Connect gallery site to view our Digital and Sports TV visualization page examples.

Customize Your Homepage

Include additional sections and features to customize your homepage based on your organizations’ needs.

Add in:

  • The Crowdfiber widget so your customers/members can check service availability in their area
  • News or events to keep your customers/members updated with your organization
  • A custom illustrated footer to showcase your area

Not Just for Telcos

Not a telco? These features still work great even if you’re an electric utility just starting to build out fiber for your customers/members.

Do you have separate sites for electric and internet but wish to combine them? We’ve got department headers that can do just that. It’s still one site, with a cohesive blueprint, but can have different colors or fonts to give the internet site its own identity.

Members or customers can easily toggle back and forth between the two with tabs for a seamless transition. It’s easy to manage with only one CMS login. Check out Jasper County REMC’s website with their Connect Internet by Jasper County REMC homepage.

Redesign Your Utility Website Today

Whenever you’re ready for a refresh or total redesign, our blueprints and apps will make your website recognizably powerful.