Why is Your Utility Website More Important than a Business Card?

When creating a business card, stakeholders often strive for a design that is professional, personal, and unforgettable. Within the confines of a small rectangle piece of paper, the content must create a lasting impression.


Of all 10 billion business cards printed annually, More than 8 billion will be tossed out. That’s 88% of the cards printed.

Apply all of the care, detail, and ingenuity you put into your business card into the efforts of your utility’s web design. Archive those stacks of business cards and learn why your utility website is so much more important.

Build Brand Recognition

Your utility website is often the first impression of your organization. When someone wants to find your contact or service information, they will likely check your website first. It is crucial that your website is designed well, tells the story of your cooperative, utility district or organization, answers questions, and makes your audience want to return.

If your website appears unorganized, dysfunctional, and does not answer your visitors’ questions, they will identify your organization as unprofessional.

A clean and efficient website makes it easier for your audience to understand your organization better. With a consistent color palette infused with your logo, your mission and goals will shine. As a result, your audience will view your utility organization in a positive light. A cohesive online presence not only grows brand awareness, but it also builds trust and credibility.

Create Accessible Connections

Information on a physical business card has its limitations, whereas a website offers better outreach. With easy access—anytime and anywhere, your website has the potential to expand communication within your community. The simple click of a button can expand your audience instantly. Proper web design can boost your search engine results, helping expand the reach of the services you want to showcase efficiently.

Limitless Opportunities

While a business card can only be passed out in person, a website can reach a much larger audience. A functional website can also establish who you are, what you offer, and how you are unique. Multiple web pages can offer high-quality content that is insightful and useful for your audience.

Another important factor includes constant updates. Without the constrictions of printed information, you can easily make frequent edits and delete outdated information.

Receive Instant Feedback

Emphasize your commitment to your community by starting a continuous dialogue. Websites provide an engaging platform to connect with your audience and learn about their input and needs. Contact forms are an effective way to receive this vital information. Your website may also offer contact details like an email address or phone number to facilitate further communication. Providing the opportunity for consistent interactions gains and keeps your audience’s trust.

The Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas wanted to ensure that feedback could be received easily. In the top right corner of the content area within each interior page is a button for site visitors to easily provide feedback about their experience when interacting with the website.

Through constant communication with a diverse audience, you may notice similarities and trends in the questions asked. A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section can serve as a central location for your audience’s common questions. It may also reduce the amount of phone calls and emails received in office.

An example of frequently asked questions laid out in an accordion styled to enable the site visitor to expand and collapse content based on their area of interest.

The freedom to engage with your audience showcases your critical role within your community.

A Recognizably Powerful Impression

Think of your website as your virtual business card or your online storefront. Go beyond the small dimensions of print and expand your online presence with the help of Powerful Web.

Your website is your business card charged up on rocket fuel that can never be thrown away.