Spark Creativity With Mood Boards

Mood boards, not to be confused with mood swings or mood rings. The visual brainstorm offers a creative and effective approach to the design process.

Samples and Swatches

  • Do you have a vision for your utility’s website design?
  • Do you lack the words to express exactly what it is?

When words can’t pinpoint an emotion or feeling, visuals can speak for themselves. Consider fashion designers or interior designers — their creative process is often scattered with paint and fabric swatches. The same concept applies to graphic designers. Images, color swatches, and more build the foundation of a website design.

Setting the Mood of Your Utility Website

What is the purpose of a mood board? The name says it all—it sets the mood. A digital collage of elements helps convey the direction of a website redesign. Some elements include:

  • Images
  • Fonts
  • Texts
  • Color palettes
  • Graphics, logos, icons
During the strategy phase of each website design project, a mood board is created for your utility organization. Pictured is the style tiles for Kankakee Valley REMC, an electric cooperative based in Indiana.

Mood boards collect ideas and inspiration before the formal design and development process. When approaching a new website design for your electric cooperative or community-owned utility organization, collaborate with your communications team as well as other key stakeholders to define your branding goals. Engage in conversations based on the intended tone and voice of your utility organization. This will help conceptualize the visual aspects needed to convey those very goals.

Lighten the Mood

How are mood boards a key element of the website design process for your utility? It helps keep all stakeholders and team members on the same page. Some benefits of mood boards include:

  • Streamline the design process: Mood boards save time and effort by minimizing misunderstandings, disagreements, or surprises. The elements are easy to edit from the start of the design process which ultimately reduces the number of edits later in the project timeline.
  • Quick source of inspiration: The process of gathering images and colors sparks enthusiasm and creativity. Establishing the aesthetics offers a preview into the end product, giving something exciting to look forward to.
  • Communicate easily with others: Since a picture is worth a thousand words, mood boards offer a clear visual presentation for all team members to thoroughly understand the plans and ideas of the project.
  • Set a coherent brand for your cooperative or utility organization: A mood board has the power to define the mission and objectives of your organization. Consistent branding creates recognition among your audience, helping your utility organization stand out in a positive way.
Style tiles prepared for Eastex Telephone Cooperative’s new website design.

Don’t Get Moody

Part of the Powerful web design process includes comprehensive mood boards for individual utility organizations. With the help of mood boards, we have the capabilities to build a strong foundation, gather meaningful feedback, and steer the website project in the right direction.

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