Create Compelling Call to Action Buttons for Your Utility Website

What are Call to Action (CTA) buttons and why do you need them on your website? Clear, instructional text like “Pay Bill” or “Contact Us” encourage site visitors to execute an action.

Holding a tablet that showcases the website for Springfield Utility Board with top tasks featured as quick call to action buttons across the bottom of the screen.
Here, Springfield Utility Board (SUB) utilizes Powerful’s Laurelhurst blueprint to communicate their services clearly and concisely. Site visitors can easily recognize SUB as a reliable utility.

To avoid members just reading a piece of content and leaving your site, motivate your audience to engage with your organization through CTAs.

Call to Action Benefits

Consider your website as your virtual storefront. If your physical storefront is cluttered and unorganized, your customers will have a negative experience and perception of your business. The same goes for your website. If your website is messy and nonfunctional, your customers will not view your organization highly.

Call to Action buttons are a great solution to help create a better online experience, keeping your customers engaged with your organization. Here are some of many benefits of Call to Action buttons:

  • Motivate Visitors to Engage: Without an obvious visual cue, website visitors may wander your website without seeking greater involvement—or abandon your website altogether before they get the chance to interact with your services.
  • Eliminate Decision Fatigue: With an overwhelming amount of media consumption filled with constant videos, images, and text, audiences often face decision fatigue. Call to Action buttons simplify the user experience with direct statements telling customers where to go and what to do next.
  • Direct Your Audience: A clear Call to Action showcases the intention behind the content. By minimizing website visitors’ confusion, your content will build intrigue and excitement through clear Call to Action buttons.

Focus on Your Customers’ Needs

Strategically designed CTA buttons can be used to help website visitors complete a specific action. Put yourself into your members’ shoes. What are they coming to your website for? Use the priorities of your website visitors to determine what Call to Action buttons would fit best.

Popular CTA buttons amongst utility organizations include:

  • Start/Stop Service
  • Capital Credits
  • Payment Options
  • Rebates
  • Youth Programs
  • Board Meetings

While these intended interactions vary from one organization to the other, they all aim to connect website visitors with your organization.

Create Meaningful Content

Do not feel pressured to create new content for the sake of having something new and fresh on your website. Sometimes, less is more. While you update your content, it is important to ensure its purpose. Clear Call to Action buttons ensures the content fits into the overall goals and intentions of your website visitors. A proper website with a functional structure also keeps your organization aligned with your goals and objectives. 

Ready to Take Action?

At Powerful, our redesign model is built on the foundation of making humanized web experiences. We understand the importance of meaningful, lasting connections with your audience. Contact Powerful to help optimize your CTAs and content strategies and see the difference it makes to your bottom line.