Which Website Floor Plan is Right for Your New Utility Website?

Your utility is ready for a new website design, but with all the options out there, how do you choose? Cue our web experts and curated blueprints! Over time we have collected data, trends, and common goals to create custom blueprints that are remarkably effective depending on your organization’s needs.

Think of comparing your site goals to choosing a home: If you have a big family with lots of furniture you are going to need a larger house with plenty of rooms and a yard to spread out to. But if you are a single person with only a futon and a box or two of belongings, you’d fit great in a studio or one bedroom apartment. So, it’s helpful to determine the goals of your organization and members to select a floor plan that fits you best.

Task Oriented

This is a tried-and-true classic so by no surprise is it our most popular choice. Your site visitors primarily come to your website to complete tasks such as Pay Bill, Report an Outage, or Start and Stop Service. This floor plan is catered to highlight those top items as call-to-action buttons “above the fold” so your site visitors can find them right as they land on your homepage.

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Your organization has a variety of services, so you’re looking to promote lots of information more so than tasks. Right at the top is a hero image and message, the focal point to draw the site visitor in. Whether it be a mission statement or a new service pitch, it serves as your primary billboard. Down the rest of the homepage are multiple opportunities for additional promotional sections.

This is a great choice for broadband websites.

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Scrolling Story 

A multi-level option with plenty of floors to tell your organization’s story and include top tasks. In a mobile-focused world, scrolling has become intuitive and second nature to site visitors, so a longer homepage is not to be feared. With sections that fill the browser screen the information is in full focus. Anchor tabs – similar to elevator floor buttons – allow your site visitor to navigate directly to the section they’d like to view.

Perfect for G&T websites.

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Search Focused

If you have a lot of pages and information, it can be daunting for your site visitors to sift through what seems like an archive. That’s where a search-focused floor plan comes in to save the day. With a search bar front and center on the homepage, the path is clear and easy to type in a prompt. With Top Searches, you can also guide them with customized keywords to drive traffic to popular tasks or pages.

An ideal option for intranet websites.

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Classic White Space

If modern or contemporary is too on trend, you prefer to stick to what your site visitors know. This blueprint features compact elements in a newsletter-style layout, surrounded by negative space to keep the eye in the center of the homepage content. Classically to the point.

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Sometimes there isn’t a big enough budget for a home with all the bells and whistles – or you just don’t have many boxes – so going with a studio style will fit the bill. While it is a cost-effective option, information and goals are not compromised with a homepage that features a minimal yet visually appealing grid layout.


Overwhelmed by the options? Worry not! Based on your goals and content, we – as your trusted web experts – will help determine the best floor plan suited for your organization’s success so you can get the keys to move into your new home!

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