How to Unlock Your Inner Hero, A Guide for Your Utility Homepage

Every Hero Has an Origin

It doesn’t take superpowers like the ability to fly or read minds or leap tall buildings to be a hero. While you may not wear a cape or a mask, your innate talents embody heroic virtues. To understand what makes you a hero, simply look within your purpose and mission. From there, your powers will shine.

Websites are a powerful platform to tell your very own story.

Special Gadgets

Every superhero is skilled with tools to succeed. With a utility belt full of useful skills, Powerful’s team of trusted web experts specialize in fighting design crime. One of the most effective gadgets is photography. Photos have the capability to draw one’s attention. The integration of pictures within a website enhances your organization’s story through a personable connection.

Flash! An eye-catching image has the power to capture attention. In web design, a “hero image” refers to a large image at the top of a web page.

A task-oriented electric cooperative website homepage design featuring an illustration of Willie Wiredhand in the dedicated hero space of the website, “above the fold”.

As seen above, a hero image occupies most of the pre-scroll space on the page. The composition of the entire page balances with other elements like call-to-action buttons, global navigation, and a SmartHub login.

What makes your organization special? Choose hero images that feature landscapes, buildings, members, employees, or anything that represents who you are. Overall, the hero image provides a quick visual with the capability to connect emotions and information with the website visitor.

Overcoming Villains

Nonfunctional, cluttered websites are some of web design’s biggest villains. To defeat these villains, design plays a major role.

A design element part of a web-design-superhero’s utility belt includes negative space. Negative space, also known as white space, can be defined as the area not occupied by content. It does not have to be limited to white or a solid color. It can also be gradients, patterns, or backgrounds.

Without negative space, a web page will look overwhelming and unattractive to the website visitor’s eyes.

An example of a broadband provider website that features a hero image with a lack of negative space. The lack of negative space creates a cropping of the image where the adults in the photo have their faces inadvertently covered by the navigation menu.

With the help of negative space, its superpowers will enhance the flow, visibility, and readability of the website.

In the example below, you’ll see the hero image’s negative space between the global navigation bar and the login box.

An example of a water utility website featuring children playing in water on a summer day with negative space to the right of the focal point, allowing for a natural integration of a login box that does not overlap any focus point of the photo.

When it comes to exceptional web design, negative space creates a stunning visual impact upon the website visitor. Clearly, functionality and flow of the design make a big difference.

The Greater Good

Unlocking your inner hero means employing your strengths and knowledge. With the capability of doing good for others, your website will create influential impacts. Some include:

  • Create Lasting Impressions
    • A hero image engages with website visitors quickly. As a result of negative space, websites achieve a clean look with visible composition. Negative space cause website visitors to subconsciously associate the brand with feelings of discipline and sophistication.
  • Ease Navigation
    • A hero image with proper negative space strengthens the navigation of the overall website. Design plays a major role in making content and copy on a web page readable. Negative space leverages content by making the web page look less cluttered. Thus, website visitors are seamlessly guided through the web page.
  • Centralize Messaging
    • A picture is worth a thousand words. A hero image serves as an informative tool that provides visual messaging. Sharp spacing and hierarchy creates an attractive look. Beyond aesthetics, negative space allows important elements on the web page to gain clear form and unity. There is a clear differentiation between content and elements, making it easier to prioritize and perceive actionable information.
  • Appeal
    • The functionality of the website creates a positive experience for the website visitor. These effective interactions affirm your organization’s commitment to humanized communication.

To the Rescue

Join forces with Powerful’s very own superheroes of web design. Learn how to unleash your ultimate superpowers with the help of Powerful’s team of trusted web experts. Visit for more.