Benefits of a Task-Oriented Website Design for an Electric Cooperative

There is nothing more frustrating than starting a road trip scheduled to take a mere six hours only for it to turn into a ten-hour journey due to lack of preparation and multiple detours. Your home page can make people feel that same way.

Most visitors of electric cooperative websites do not visit your page to read through background information; they are coming for a direct purpose. Whether the task may be to pay a bill, report an outage, or start and stop service, there are several benefits of a task-orientated home page for your utility organization. Task-oriented home pages do not have to be complicated if you just step into the shoes of your site visitor. Think of task-oriented home pages like taking a road trip.

Decide Your Destination

Nine times out of ten, people do not take a vacation without a destination in mind. Task-oriented home pages come with your site visitor’s destination in mind. The display of call-to-action buttons that link interiorly or exteriorly to highly trafficked areas on your website assist in ensuring your site visitors are completing tasks efficiently. Having these easily interchangeable buttons will allow your site to remain up to date with different functions and information your users might be looking for during different seasons.

Plan for Stops

Vacations and road trips become irritable when a plan is made without regards to stops and breaks. Task-oriented home pages come in preparation for stops your site visitors might make. Spending time breaking down and grouping your content into simple categories that are effortlessly understandable to navigate through can make all the difference. When browsing through your global navigation on your homepage, ensure that it is a straightforward process for your website visitors to ensure they know where they are stopping each step of the way when interacting with your electric cooperative or community-owned utility organization.

Bring Entertainment

One should never head out for a trip without a good book or downloaded movie to enjoy at your convenience. Task-orientated home pages do not have to be boring and dull; it all centers around how you display your information. Including photos, information such as agendas and minutes or news sections on your home page can be beneficial for your site visitor. Because your site reader was able to complete their task quickly, they are more likely to have time to spend pursuing other content on your site. Come prepared with unique things that showcase who you are on your homepage.

Enjoying the Ride

Task-oriented home pages are designed for your visitor to enjoy the time they spend on your site while easily accomplishing their task at hand. Getting bogged down with detours or spending too much time digging through a route for specific information will deter site visitors from returning to your site in the future.

Getting the job done quickly and efficiently is what keeps your members or customers coming back for future visits. Task-orientated home pages help site visitors sit back, relax, and enjoy a simple ride to their destination.