Popular Trends for Utility Website Designs in 2022

In an ever-changing digital world, it can be challenging to keep up with the fast pace of trends. However, there is no need to fear! Our team of trusted web experts are here to share the secret to a recognizably powerful website.

The Top 7 Web Design Trends to Follow in 2022

1. Microsite Landing Page

A microsite landing page is an independent website that lives outside of the company homepage. They are smaller than traditional websites with 1 page of content. Microsites are designed for a specific purpose or campaign.

The small size and simplicity of microsites are built to focus on a specific subject, product, or campaign. With fewer pages to navigate, website visitors will have a streamlined experience in finding information. Direct, relevant, and specific content engage website visitors and help increase awareness on the subject matter.

Because a microsite has its own URL, your company will now have another platform for people to discover and learn about you. With keywords specific to the topic of the microsite, your search engine optimization will increase.

Take a look at SDCEA’s microsite landing page.

Homepage for Sangre de Cristo Electric Association microsite
Here, SDCEA focuses on a specific subject. A bold header immediately captures the site visitor’s attention. Call to action buttons, frequently asked questions, and a video allow the visitor to gain more insight and knowledge.

2. Promotion Based Blueprints

Promotion based blueprints focus on communicating a specific message or service. By placing your message at the forefront of the website, visitors are more likely to engage with the content.

Take a glimpse of the Springfield Utility Board’s website

Holding a tablet that showcases the website for Springfield Utility Board
Here, Springfield Utility Board (SUB) utilizes Powerful’s Laurelhurst blueprint to communicate their services clearly and concisely. Site visitors can easily recognize SUB as a reliable utility.

3. Community Focus

Our team of trusted web experts focus on creating humanized web experiences. When engaging with website visitors, it is important to recognize them for who they are and where they come from. Powerful Web’s illustrated footers offer a unique look into a community by highlighting their special features. When a viewer is met with a creative illustration of their very own community, they are sure to have a memorable online experience.

The full website design can be viewed by visiting the Northwestern Water & Sewer District website

The bottom of the homepage's new utility web design for Northwestern Water and Sewer District in Ohio
Northwest Water and Sewer District in Bowling Green, Ohio capture their brand with subtle nods to their community in a footer illustration that brings a warm and friendly feel to their new website design.

What makes your service territory unique? The Powerful web team strives to highlight your special story.

4. Resource Directory

Prioritizing your site visitor’s experience means prioritizing personal touches. Resource directories offer a distinctive look into the “magic behind the curtain”.

Generation and transmission cooperative, PNGC Power launched their website in March of 2022.

By highlighting various statistics, logos, and contact information, resource directories not only assist site visitors in receiving information, but also gives them greater understanding of the company as a whole.

5. Visualized Pages

Long paragraphs can be daunting to read on a web page. On average, a site visitor will spend less than 30 seconds on a standard web page.

A visualized page breaks down walls of words with the use of bold numbers, graphics, bullet points and more. A site visitor is likely to spend 4 minutes longer on a visualized page than a standard page.

Tablet view of PNGC Power history page on their website
This visualized timeline seamlessly tells the story of PNGC’s history, allowing site visitors to easily follow along. With the help of a visualized page, your content will be refreshingly different.

6. Storytelling Blueprints

A blueprint focused on storytelling crafts powerful messaging. Storytelling is often done with walls of words but a homepage that can visually engage with a site visitor has a much higher success rate of helping your story resonate.

Browse the Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas website for their 2030 Strategic Plan

Laptop displaying the homepage of the 2030 Strategic Plan of the Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas
Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas utilize a custom blueprint based on their storytelling goal. With anchor scrolling, site visitors can quickly navigate from section to section. As a result, viewers are more likely to engage and interact with the content.

7. Online Bill Pay

The number one task a site visitor goes to a utility website is to make a payment and view their account information. Online bill pay options offer a convenient method for members to accomplish one of their top tasks within your website. When possible, integrating a login widget into the homepage creates a value for your site visitor to complete a task quickly and easily.

Take a look at Jeff Davis Electric Co-Op’s website

Home page for Jeff Davis Electric Cooperative

With a fast, easy, and safe online payment option, your members are sure to be satisfied.

These are just seven of many trends to help your utility website shine. Want even more design tips and tricks? Connect with our Powerful team to learn more!