Our Resource Directory App is Effective & Versatile for Utility Websites

Our Resource Directory Web App is remarkably effective for providing links and information for affiliated organizations or members. There are many benefits to using our web app to display this information. The web app is also highly versatile and can be used in a variety of ways to showcase different resources on your utility organization’s website.

Pre-Set Fields

Using our Resource Directory app will give you the ability to display all the logos for your affiliated organizations on a single page. They are arranged evenly across the page, and you can adjust the number of columns showing.

Within the detail view, you can add a link to the member website alongside their logo and address. Provide any contact information needed with phone numbers and emails. Add in an About section below with details or images about the organization.

In addition to these sections, we also have Custom Sections that can be included. Our Statistics section type can display any stats such as number of employees or customers/members. These come with the option to display an icon. These will appear across the page with your website branding colors. Choose from different layouts for how many columns to display.

Additional examples of what can be displayed is by using the General section type. Choose from different icons including People, Location, Calendar, and Cost. These sections could include information on board members or staff. You can add in information on administrative or annual meeting locations and times. You can include emails to each board or staff member along with links to different pages of the website.

 Benefits to Our App

By using these pre-set fields, all the information is displayed in a unique and visually engaging way by using colors and icons. This makes for a greater experience for your site visitors.

As is the benefit to all our web apps, all information will display in the same format and layout. This makes for a consistent experience for all site visitors. The apps are also mobile-responsive. They are easy to update on the back end of the site so any employee can make updates quickly and easily.

Versatile Uses

While the app is great for affiliated organizations, another advantage to our apps is their versatility. With creative problem solving, they can be utilized for additional purposes. This was the case with WT Services, a 2-way radio shop. We used our Resource Directory Web App to display their products.

The price custom section was used to display the different models of the radios within their own sections and using the site’s branding colors. Their product pictures were displayed in place of logos. We utilized the website button as a call-to-action link to take the site visitor to a “Request a Quote” form on their website. Additional information was added below with details about the product.

Our app allowed them to display all their products in a visually appealing way with consistent layouts. It is also mobile-responsive and easy to update. Visit the Portable Radios page at WT Services to see our app in action.


There are many options as to how you can use our Resource Directory web app. It’s all about what fits you best.