When is it time for a new utility website? 18 things to consider

Take some time to consider your current website. Here are some things to look for that may indicate it’s time for a new website.

  1. When your existing website no longer serves you well enough. If your existing website is no longer accomplishing its core goals, it may be time to move on.
  2. When your goals have changed. The goals of your last website redesign may be significantly different than the goals you have now. A redesign gives you a great chance to realign your website with your goals.
  3. When your customer-members aren’t happy with it. If you are hearing directly from customer-members that they aren’t satisfied with your website, it’s time to take action!
  4. When it no longer makes you happy. While your customer-members are the top priority audience for your website, it’s beneficial for your team to feel good about it as well. It’s motivating and helps them do their jobs better when they need to turn to the website as a resource.
  5. When expectations have changed. Technology and culture move fast. A new website can help you meet changing expectations.
  6. When your business has changed enough that it no longer fits. If you have made substantive changes to how your organization operates or how you provide services since your last website redesign, it may be time for something new to reflect those organizational changes.
  7. When it doesn’t offer the tools you need to carry out your mission. All tactical here! Sometimes the limitations of your current web platform prevent you from carrying out critical functions. A more Powerful platform could be the answer.
  8. When it looks or feels outdated or stale. Style may seem irrelevant, but a modern appearance signals that the rest of your organization is operating with a modern approach as well. Your website is one of the most visible faces of your business.
  9. When it doesn’t comply with modern standards. This is the more technical side of the style coin. If your website is missing support for newer technical standards, it can not only seem outdated but lack functionality that your team or your customer-members expect, such as:
    • OpenGraph tags to support featured images when sharing to social media sites
    • No or poor mobile layout
    • Poor text sizing or contrast
  10. When your circumstances have changed. Similar to a change in goals, a change of circumstances can have an effect on your website needs. If you are entering a new line of business or significant changes have occurred in your community, it may be time for a new website to reflect these new realities.
  11. When it doesn’t reflect who you are. Perhaps your website lacks personality or reflects an older version of your organization. Bring it up to date and add a more personal connection as part of a redesign.
  12. When it’s shoehorned into a platform that doesn’t make sense for your business. If your website was built using a platform meant for other industries or one that is generally limited, a new website can help you break free of these constraints.
  13. When people have changed. If there has been significant personnel turnover in the group that administers your website, it’s possible that it may have worked well for people in the past but just doesn’t click with your current team.
  14. When it’s not well supported anymore. If the vendor of your website platform has abandoned the product or does not provide satisfactory support, it may be time to move on. It’s important to have access to great technical support for your website when you need it.
  15. When communication isn’t working very well. Modern business websites are dynamic communication tools and customers expect that they will be used this way. If your website is putting up roadblocks to effective, timely communication, it may be time for something new.
  16. If parts of your website are still great. There may be some parts of your website that you still really value, despite issues in other areas. This could be specific content or specific functionality that still works well. The good news is you may be able to bring those things over, or provide similar functionality (our Web Apps collection covers many common needs) with a new Powerful website.
  17. When it’s been long enough. No website lasts indefinitely. If it’s simply been a long time, that may be sign enough that it’s time to consider a redesign.
  18. When you have the budget for it. While we make every effort to provide an excellent, cost efficient product at price points that are sustainable for both parties, we realize that budget can still be a challenge! One strategy to consider is making a budgeting proposal that pulls funds from multiple areas of the organization. Communications is the default area to consider for funds, but customer service, engineering, and even IT may all benefit from a new website. This can allow you to make a good argument for investing funds from multiple department budgets to cover the costs of a website redesign.