New Way to Showcase Rebates On Your Utility Website

As an electric utility, you may be offering rebates to your site visitors. Would you like to display them in style? You can, with our collection of web apps. Our web apps offer easy customization for a variety of content, and, are also very versatile. They offer different uses, such as using our Rate Plans App for your rebate offerings. Our Rate Plan app provides a visual way to display money amounts along with different options such as features, icons, and links. It’s a refreshingly different way to display your rebates.

Organized & Easy for Your Employees

One of the benefits to using our web apps is that any employee will be able to add in any information with ease. The pre-set fields make it easy to update. There will be a consistent layout and format using these fields. The apps are also formatted to be responsive for tablets and mobile, so you don’t have to worry.

Using this app will break out your rebates into their own package. This will help keep them organized on the page. Arrange similar rebates with headings to break up the information even further.

Layout & Branding

You have several different options for how to portray the rebates. There are different layout options, such as putting the rebates into columns of 2, 3, or even 4. Add variety with a choice of regular bullet points or checkmarks for displaying the features.

The app matches the color branding of your website, and you also have the option of a simple or bold view. You can alternate which view to distinguish between residential or commercial rebates. This will help differentiate them to your site visitors visually.

An example of the Powerful Rate Plans Web App being utilized to display appliance rebates in a dual column layout.

Visually Appealing for Your Members

Using the Rate Plan App for your rebates will be visually appealing for your site visitors. It makes it easy and quick for them to scan all the rebate amounts and important info.

The rebate amount can be displayed with our price option. The rebate amount will showcase at the top right under the rebate name so it will be very easy for site visitors to see. You can use the custom price frequency to be specific, such as adding “per unit” or “per square foot” after the rebate amount. There’s an endless amount of customization you can do for the rebate amount.

You can even add a featured label to any of the rebates, such as “New Rebate”. This will display at the top of the rebate section.

Different Link Options

Our app allows the option for a link type, with several different choices. You can have the button link to the PDF form for the rebate application. You can also link to your online rebate forms. Read our Self-Service Websites for Utility Organizations blog on why it’s a great idea to convert your PDF forms to online forms. You can even link to an external site if your rebates lead to a third-party website.

The link can also lead to a detail view. With the features section, you can add in important details about the rebate but then use the detail view to expand with even more information. You can keep the front view neat and organized by highlighting just the most important information, whereas the detail view can go into greater detail about that specific rebate.

Rebates being displayed using the Powerful Rate Plans Web App and linking to third-party rebate forms.

Showcase Your Rebates

Displaying your rebates with our Rate Plan app will capture your site visitors attention by offering a visual way to showcase your rebates. It’s easy to update and makes it easy for your site visitors to receive all the info they need on your rebate offerings.